DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Arrow/Flash Spin-off Show


Then why is Earth X Cold sticking around then? Did he make the decision to leave after filming the crossover?


Ah thats a shame… Dnt understand why The Ray had to go back to Earth X when Earth 1 is his home town. Could have replaced firestorm.

They handled Stiens departure very well, almost had me choked up. Really dont wanna see a powerless Jefferson around. Hes one my least fav characters just because the actor is a bit hammy with his performance. Whats he gnna do now that he doesnt have powers.

Next weeks episode is based in Arthurian Britain I think so hopefully they can recruit Shining Knight.


What’s he gonna do? Be the ship’s mechanic, as he has been.


Better than JL movie!!!


Why y’all ain’t tell me about the “Return if the Mack” episode of Legends. Golden, loved that song as a kid, so inappropriate lmao


sheeeeit, yeah that was classic…brilliant use of that song.

The new girl on the team this season is ridiculously gorgeous… as per the usual CW rules, of course. She’s goddamn incredible.

*Crossover–finally finished getting caught up on that yesterday; this is definitely the greatest crossover they’ve done. Once the action got started it never let up, man…and that’s what I want out of superhero shows and movies.





Prometheus? Maybe the gun had blanks in it…


Looks like they’re giving Wentworth Miller the entire season rather than just Crisis before leaving so that’s nice. Constantine’s return, awesome. And Sara is gonna end up in Agent Sharp’s pants quite soon.


You forgot to mention jefferson is finally leaving! Yaay


He’ll be back, I can almost guarantee it.



Next week’s episode will be a ripoff of Star Trek The Next Generation’s time-loop episode or so it seem’s…


So much for giving Wentworth the entire season, he just bows out randomly now, which bites. They should’ve had Constantine stay the rest of the season in that case.

Otherwise, solid episode.


Last episode will be April 9, 2018.

On another note, yesterday’s episode reminded me of that Tom Cruise time loop movie…


from that episode I got elements of the Stargate time loop episode:


Wally is finally gonna get his time to shine. Maybe.


John Constantine will be a regular in season 4


SMH…Grodd got done raw tonight!!



All I can say is Maisie Richardson-Sellers!