DC's next animated DVD movie (After GL): Superman/Batman: Public Enemies


Are they ever going to do TT: Judas Contract like originally planned?

Honestly, I don’t think they will. I mean the Teen Titan cartoon was done years ago, I am sure most kids don’t or barely remember it but I think for a story involving youthful heroes and notable sidekicks, DC won’t have the balls to drop it as a faithful adaptation.

As much as I don’t mind action in these DC animated features, in fact I wouldn’t mind WW level action in future ones, Superman and Batman vs. the DC Universe is taking too far IMO.
I know this’ll please my younger brother. He liked the TPB.

OMG…dream come true!!!

Guh, why? Public Enemies is such a turd.

When Timm and Co. announced that they were moving permanently to DVD animation, I thought it sounded like a great idea, but so far, not a single one of their projects has held a candle to their work in television. The productions all look great, but the content just isn’t there. Maybe they’ve lost their touch.

Wonder Woman is good, though it could’ve gone with at least and additional 30 mins.

The New Frontier was really good. It’s a worthy piece that stands up proudly alongside Timm’s other work. It’s one of the most lovingly rendered comic book adaptations I’ve ever seen.

But, yeah - I still haven’t bothered watching Superman/Doomsday. I’ll probably get around to Wonder Woman one of these days if I can find it for cheap. It’s tough to come up with a really outstanding Wonder Woman story. When I think of the pantheon of great Wonder Woman stories, most of them are just JLA stories. The Hiketeia might’ve been the best solo Wonder Woman story I’ve ever encountered, and still Batman has a large role in it.

Public Enemies the comic was trash. Mindless fun the first time through - but there’s no substance to it. Can’t imagine sitting through a 70-80 minute animated version of it for more than a few minutes just to see if they imitate McGuinness’ art style.

On the other hand… If they can somehow hire Jeph Loeb to adapt his own comic into a movie, this could have potential for a decent amount of unintentional comedy. I’d love to see how Loeb would pay homage to himself. Would he keep the ham-fisted parallel compare/contrast inner monologues?

This is the guy that wrote Teen Wolf here, baby. It’s got potential.

As for The Judas Contract, last I heard it’s been put on the backburner. I think they did do some conceptual work on it. I think either Wolfman or Perez (perhaps both) was involved, and that it was going to be an adaptation completely unrelated to the Teen Titans GO! cartoon from a few years back. But the bottom line is that shit like Public Enemies will make more money than the Titans’ equivalent of The Dark Phoenix Saga, so that’s why. There’s still a chance The Judas Contract will happen, but it doesn’t sound like it will be any time soon, so there’s not much point in being excited for it at this point in time.

The problem with the New Frontier movie is that it played out like a deluxe trailer for the book. It’s absolutely beautiful, and captures Cooke’s signature style perfectly, but the narrative itself is just ugly.

Last July DC said they were still withholding progress on Judas Contract because they’re just not confident that it will be popular enough.

So do you think the ugly narrative is inherent in the book itself or simply due to the logistics of the adaptation?

hey, at least it’s not vengeance witht the ultimates ripoff and BATZARRO BABY

A little from column A, a little from column B. It hauls ass when it shouldn’t, so it ends up feeling horribly plot-driven. At least some of that is the result of trimming the book down to a fairly short DVD feature.

I honestly think Loeb sincerely thought he was writing something humorous. The final product really didn’t seem like it, huh? You’d better pray he never writes Deadpool…

Fair enough.

Superman Doomsday I didn’t mind because it was based on what I thought was a horrible comic book story, so any changes and making it shorter didn’t bother me really.

New Frontier I think was really hurt by the time restraint the WB has on these DVDs. I think it really could of used an extra 15 minutes. Though it’s not the creative team’s fault, it’s a stupid WB limitation. It was still a pretty good adaptation because Cooke’s style really works onscreen.

Zephy I think you will really like the Wonder Woman Animated movie. To me it didn’t feel rushed and the time limit didn’t hamper the story, for once. And Wonder Woman really came through as a great character who could carry the story on her own. Cartoon Network will air it eventually like they have with all of these straight to video DVDs, you can probably just tune in if you don’t wish to purchase.

I thought the Green Lantern Animated movie was next? So it got bumped, for this? Why the hell does WB always chuck everybody so we can get more Superman and Batman?

That’s like the big difference when it comes to Marvel cartoons and movies. Marvels tries to give us cartoons and movies (particularly movies) about everybody where DC keeps focusing on Superman and Batman.

I say give them a break and shine the light on other characters. I guess New Frontier was their Flash and GL story, but that still had Superman and Batman… :bluu:

Sano, the GL animated movie is coming out this summer, besides the thread title does say ‘after GL’, so this one comes AFTER the GL movie :slight_smile:

Oh hey my bad lol! :clown: I’d still rather they skip over this story and focus on other characters for a while. Flash should get his own movie after GL, IMHO.

You know what they should REALLY do?
Animate some of the recent comic book arcs.
I mean heck the first JoJo OVA was just 6 episodes which told 4 of the main confrontations the gang had in Egypt. Likewise, Flames of Recca had a one ep. OVA which is just an animated ver. of the final battle in the manga.
It’d be too much ownage if they animated Sinestro Corps War or Flash: Rogue Wars, or heck…if you wanna go with Supes, animate the Brainiac storyline, watch how that can boost sales a little bit for the comics.

To be perfectly honest, I think Timm and Co. are better off doing their own stories. It was true for their TV work and it’s probably true now. They’ve done everything from 22 minute episodes that stand completely on their own, to arcs that span an entire season of JLU. I’m certain they can handle their own stories for a series of 75 minute DVD features.