DDR Home -vs- Arcade: Is it the same thing?


My friend has been playing DDR at home and wants to go to the arcade with me to play it and thinks he’s going to do quite well… so I’m just curious about DDR home version -vs- arcade. Is it possible for someone playing at home to just jump in to the arcade scene as an expert? I would imagine so because its not playing against a human but I’m not sure if timing or anything is different. I don’t play it at all but I’d like to give my friend any differences between the two so if he sucks at least he could know why and adapt accordingly.


bleh no way.

welll if your hands are uber big and can palm the pannals…


Last Blade 2 - Tournament rules?

You can get a arcade style metal mat at home you know…


Or you can buy a soft mat, and then modify it yourself to be similar to the expensive metal mat.


no it isnt it more fun in arcade :slight_smile: :cool:


LOL, good call. What a maroon.


it’s like anything… if u get a stick that’s perfect to teh arcade at home, still, standing up, doing it in public is harder… lol…sick sick minds… ddr… has to be odd to do in public. i play at home with my girly. i’ve never played in the arcade


Depends what mats you use and stuff. The arcade pads feel pretty different. You have to step harder. And for some reason, the down arrow on most home pads is a little further away than it is in the arcade…at least it seems like it to me.

I play arcade pretty much all the time though.


Haha! Believe it or not, I’ve done a sort of extensive study of home vs arcade. ^.^
My friends were my test subjects :stuck_out_tongue: . See, they wanted to play DDR, but not infront of others, too scared of being called a poser and all.
Fine, do it at home, get better that way.
One set of friends bought the game/mat, the other group, I GAVE them roughly the same amount of money spent to practice in the arcades.
In some time (maybe 2, 3 weeks), test day for the two groups to face off.
The team that practiced in the arcade did MUCH better, (already doing Maniac + modifiers.
The home-goers stuck around in the Basic to Trick level.

My conclusion?
Practice + Tight Situations (people watching, wanting a good show) = Good player.
I really do stress the “Tight Situations” bit, mainly because it is the main drive to become better. No one wants to be called a poser, especially infront of a crowd of people. So you learn to fix it. Another thing in that area is letting loose. If you’re stiff as a 2x4, then chances are, you won’t nail the combos.

There’s that and the fact that the matt wasn’t always a good experience with me, unless it’s been modded in a way that it doesn’t move, it gets really slippery and you could break your neck. I almost did…


I have a solution! don’t play it

Seriously, DDR is an embarressment to gaming as a whole.

You should all be ashamed of being interested in something so retarded.

That is all.


seriously, if you want to dance, go to a dance class and learn there. stomp is another name for ddr, just wave your arms to look like you are dancing , that’s what ddr pretty much is.


This game doesn’t simulate dancing. You can freestlye to it, but it’s mainly an aerobic-type game.