Ddr mat hack to joystick


has anyone heard or done this before?

I see a used ddr mat for $10.00 and thought of converting it to a wii/ps2/360 arcade joystick.


the ddr mats only have four buttons a,b,x,y


So he can play tekken. He can add a fifth button somewhere on the plastic box for tag, as you won’t use that very often.

That said, converting a DDR pad to work on new consoles isn’t too difficult. I recently built a control box for a Cobalt Flux hard pad as I needed to connect it to my PC for Stepmania. I padhacked an xbox controller because it was cheap, but I could have just as easily hooked it up to an MC Cthulhu.


Be the king of doing only that 1 move, spamming over and over.

It also make a Kick Ass Dive Kick Controller.


I really hope I see this at EVO 2014.