DDRCREATIONS Simple Combo Vid Released

Well, I know peeps here have a very hard time trying something new, but I have faith in my fellow sho’ers. There are much more complicated and intricate combos to discover, but this vid should be cool to watch. The jpeg linked to the video is not uploaded yet, but the link works. Peace.



 Come on guys, Capcoms not putting out anything right now, and some of us are capable of drawing/programming just as good as these big corps. So, what's so bad about fans using there talents to extend the fun of this stuff. At least if your going to reply, hit me up with the intelect I expect from the shoryuken forums. I've been playing these games for a long time, so I think you'll really enjoy playing my creations. Peace.:tup:


To my suprise, this was actually pretty awesome and I’d like to see more of this. I think the only thing I would say is just cleaning up those sprites possibly would help. The contrast between the background and the characters is waay to stark. Nonetheless it was interesting.

Edit: The contrast isn’t so bad. If anything just tightening up the linework of the sprites and cel shading would seal the deal. Other than that the animation of the characters is pretty ok and its nice what you have so far. Marvin is top tier (Sentinel) and Capt Caveman is Magnus times a million.

Thanks. Actually, the video is degraded because of the compression used, so the graphics/animation aren’t properly displayed. Duck Dodgers would probably be considered better, graphically, because his effects/colors are in hi-res like GGX, while the others are CPS2 quality. After playing 5-6 years of Marvel, my creations are basically top tier killers, and yes Caveman is like Magneto on roids. Also, I didn’t use many special moves in the video so there tons more combos, techniques to master. Since VS is only popular in the US, beta testing has been a slow process, because basically, not many international peeps know how to play them properly. So, that’s why I’m giving my peers a holla. Thanks again.