De-soldering T5

prolly a n00b question but im trying to mod my tekken 5 stick to a 360 and ive seen some other sticks opened and it looks alot different from when i got my T5 open. theres barely any wires and the buttons are straight onto the board itself. what tools will i need and what do i have to do? any help please!

You’ve got a couple of options really… You could heat up each point and use some kind of sucker to remove the solder, then just lift the board off, or you could heat up two points of a button at the same time and just lift the board away from that button. Without using a sucker, you’ll need to bend the board just a bit to get it away from each button, but it is flexible enough you shouldn’t break it, just take it easy.

awesome thank you very much. when i put a 360 PCB in will i need to get wires to sodder the new board to these buttons?

Well you are going to need something to connect from the PCB to the buttons and joystick you are using. Im not sure what a T5 stick looks like, but if there are existing wires why not cut them off, strip the ends and re-use them? If the wires are still attached to the buttons then you could just solder the wire straight back onto the PCB I guess. It all depends on how much cable you need/how many pieces. Hope this helps.

There’s actually only wires to the joystick in the T5, so yes, you’ll need to get new wires to use.

Without a sucker (costs about $8-12?) your next best option is soder wick. Only took me 30 mins to get all the solder off using that.

i heated everything up and just scraped away. im very budget conscious so it works for me. tomorrow’s step is attaching some cables to the buttons and stick. thanks again for all the responses guys!