De Soto Thread

Yeah, I know. "Desoto? Who lives there"
I had a couple of friends to tell me to post here, since I’m from Texas. I’m trying to find options and more people to help me . From Cedar Hill to Duncanville to Lancaster blah blah blah. Just looking for people who play Dead or Alive, KOF, and Soul Cal. (xbox)

Just Pm me or post here, if interested.

I am looking for Soulcal, and KOF.
Dark Geese help some brother out.

You can always go to SoulCal Forums, I’m doing one for Doa 3 and 4.
Your bettr with the ps2 so keep working on that. Are you sure you want to go off on some KOF? Serious stuff right there, have you put the dedication to it. Or have you just played the gamed so many times that you know how to play every character.? Thats the stuff I’m talking about. Have you seen the CGI: 2007 tourney? They kick ass. I tell you that, come over to my place anytime, and I’ll help you out some more.
Work on some SoulCal3 and practice for KOF on ps2. Trust me. I’ll help you out on DOA.

Bouth man I am up for eney one how want to try.
nice to have you with us Ash.

You sure?
Check out this video when you have time, I’m not so sure.
I’m practicing 4 hours a day. and I still need learning, it’s not all easy work you know.
Were gonna be recording what we do, and sending it to DG. To show what we can do.

We nead practic!!!

No kidding sherlock.
But, seriously. Your style in playing DOA is offbeat. You learn, but not work at it. For some reason you play the heavy weights, maybe even judge characters. Notice that all of them have there own style.

Play others, but play one that you think that can take you to another level.
you have so many openings I have so many counters.

besids I am good with the chines guy.

Why dont you guys head up this way then???

Or just post in the DFW thread. Just go to SNF to play DOA.

This way? Where…

I’m trying to keep it safe. Not trying to get myslef into something I cant get out of. So I’m taking my time, with Sniper till I* think he’s ready.

This way as up here in Denton to my new location…

Yeah, I told my peoples about you, they said I’m gonna have to come over. one day, it’s summer time, and I got nothing blocking my sched.

But um, I cant post in the DFW thread. it’s too big, like too many posts. and my laptop can handle it, so it goesto a blank screen.

so just change the max amount of posts you can view per page in the control panel

zero, look at it this way; if the De Soto thread gets big, you’ll have the same problem either way.

the most immediate solution is what woof said; change it to the bare minimum amount of posts, if your laptop can’t handle it.

i don’t really see why it can’t, since it’s just text and goofy avatars.

if you’re interested in playing DOA4 competitively, then I don’t see why you don’t play DOAMASTER, since he lives here in the Metroplex. that’s a win-win situation for you…

Master?!Are you fucking serious. I saw the he whooped Offbeat ninja’s ass. What makes you think I’m gonna do that?
But yeah, it’s worth a try. (excuse my language)


Yeah, I fixed it. Ill post in the DFW thread. what about SniperKing? How can I help him out with his problem in playing DOA. mind if I ask Kingdom?

You can help me by finding a day that we can all practic together.

There are a few DoA players scattered across the Metroplex.

There is the occasional DoA gathering at Manny’s (DOAMASTER) place but he is in Cali right now for CGS.

Post in their regional forums nonetheless and see where else the action is in the Metroplex.

post in the dtx thread. thanks.