(Dead) Amazon - Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick TE = $89.99

Dead - Link

Pretty good deal, thought id let you guys know. :smokin:

gahhhhhhh I just bought a hrap ex-se… I am trying to resist!

Wow, good deal.

Don’t forget to sign up for the free 3 month trial of Amazon Prime. Free 2 day shipping or 1 day shipping for $3.99. Linky. Get your TE faster!

The 360 TE is an amazing base for quality dual/multi console mod. If this isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is.

It’s already sold out. I wanted to get one.


I scored one with an extra $30 off amazon from my amazon visa card (that I’ve never used until now lol).
Now to dual mod this sucker. Hopefully I’ve got enough supplies around the house to do the majority of the work. The budget is tight!

When the TE and SE first came out i went and picked up the SE and modded it with Sanwa parts and it’s pretty yummy… but i’ve played a bit on the TE from time to time and wished i had preordered one and modded it out instead.

Now that i was able to get the TE for $89, would it make sense to drop my still like new SE modded Sanwa parts in the TE and put the stock Sanwa parts included in the TE into the SE to use as a second player controller (that i’ll probably never be using myself)


6 of one, half dozen of the other.

So you’re saying the stock Sanwa parts in the TE are of the same quality as the Sanwa parts i purchased and slapped in my SE? :slight_smile:

Just want to be sure…


Good to know, thank you…

Still think i want my red/yellow theme stick/buttons in my bigger TE, but it’s good to know the SE will be comparable

The parts will be the same, but I do have to admit, I prefer playing on my TE than my modded SE. I think it’s because of the size, particularly the left hand side where my hand rests while holding the joystick. I actually have to change my grip slightly when going to the SE, which throws off execution a tad. Just some food for thought.

Damn, It was at 33% and I figured the deal just ended since it wouldn’t let me access it anymore. Now I check back and it said its 100% claimed. Ahh wonder what happened…

Well, the deal made it onto slickdeals.net and kotaku.com.

Posting it on those sites is akin to putting it on a 10 second countdown.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t gotten the SE, I prefer the feel of the TE. It hurt not getting this, but I still need to save up for the Nexus One.

Thought I’d give this a bump instead of making a new one. It’s not $90 but from the posts on SlickDeals $99 seems to be decent.