Dead Body Infininate


What is a dead body infinate in mvc2?


An Example of a dead body infinite is when the opponent dies, say for example I use Magneto and I assist with Psylocke to kill your Magneto, and I run up to your Magneto and I do a and keep following your Magneto by doing that and getting it stuck to the corner.

Its really cheap and wastes time.

T9: The Canadian Fighting Game Championships – Toronto Ont. July 12th/13th

alright, thats for the info


will this be allowed for evo
i heard the ruls was only 2 hits and then you can’t do anymore
what exactly is the rule?


I use the after kicks to put the opponent into the corner so I have a better advantage of the win, Its not allowed since its pretty unfair beating some poor little kid right in the corner, so I think its a banned rule…too bad… :frowning:

Although its annoying its very use ful in tactical advantages :lol:


not answering my question


I THINK the rule from last year is that you can do a dead body infinite for positioning purposes only…meaning you can do it until you get to the corner. (which then you can go guardbreak on the incoming characher or whatever it is Magnetos do) :slight_smile:


thx dude, i just hope that inkblot or ponder can confirm this to me


they’re banned. you can’t do them in the tournament


i kno that…

i asked bout the two reps rule. or if you can take them to the corner


The rule at evo last year was that you could take them to the corner.


there was actually a rule?
i missed it


btw… I would like to know are there any combos in GGXX

counted as dead body infinates?

I mean… things like Slayers’ blood sucking cosmos and

Sol’s dust loop. Personally I don’t think those count –

there ain’t any dead body infinates in GGX, that’s my opinion.

but just to make sure…


u cant have a dead body infinite in ggxx. even if there was whats the point there already dead


The dead body infinite in MvC2 is sorta not even a thing we should ban! Its just to put them in a corner for a good advantage! BUT there are people who take advantage of it! Like, you Wave dash below them and go to the other side and>wave dash below to other side-> and just repeat.

And you can keep doing this until the time runs out OR you can do this to like a certain point, I got to 33, then my hands started to hurt… :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


they are BANNED in every shape form and size! at evo 2003 at least :cool:

the reason for this is because it runs out the timer. Thats the only reason


if it’s used to get them in the corner, that’ll only take like 5 seconds, which would be 3 seconds tops on the timer.


i say we keep the same rule from last year…
where we can use it to get to corner for positioning but not to win by time out and stuff like that…

my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Actually it was my uinderstanding that last year it was two reps…however two reps is pretty much enuff to put your opp in the corner.

And following up on some comments peeps made about the infinate in general…the db infinate can be done back and forth from corner to corner on most characters if i’m not mistaken. so all one has to do is get the lead, kill on char and do the infinate till the timer runs out…if it was allowed with no limitations.


This thread is essentially a noob question, so it won’t hurt to add to it.
What’s wavedashing?