Dead Character Glitch/Kubota Escape Thread


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the glitch seems to rely on a dead character slot and tagging to the dead character as you cancel the tag in with some outrageous method.

[AG] MarlinPie ‏[S]@[/S]MarlinPie
executing the glitch is easy. no meter required. just a dead character.

[AG] MarlinPie ‏[S]@[/S]MarlinPie
this glitch grants about 3 sec of invincibility as the point character disappears. after 3 sec the character will pop right back in safely

[AG] MarlinPie ‏[S]@[/S]MarlinPie
btw. this glitch is useful. not much of drawback. i tried with half of the cast so far. seems like an universal glitch.

Post any news/videos about this glitch. What do you think the inputs for it are?

Infinite floodgates opening

it has to do with your avatar


Like this? [media=youtube]B4cLOQfBttw[/media]


something like that, yeah.

it’s called ‘the escape’ for a reason.


I see what you mean. I just hope it doesn’t kill the importance of welcome mix-ups completely. Good shit though


If it does then it will just be rule banned like some of the MVC2 stuff. We’ll see.

Sooooooooo muuuchhhh teccchhhh.


“Tag in” sounds weird to me, as in not clear if incoming or not.


In the interest of an even playing field for Americans (and not just a select group of WC players) against the Japanese, the escape:

With a dead character, hold the tag button for the dead character during an opponents super flash, then snapback on the tail end of it. Viola.


cheers dude, it works already tried it out, props.


That will have some weird implications to strategies in matchups if that’s exactly how it works. Forcing more resets I guess.


Works in the air? On incoming? Can be done multiple times? Must be in neutral?

haha, TAC infinities bring the fear of SUPERS EVERYWHERE, Kubota escape renders supers useless outside combos? We will find out soon.

(Edit: If restrictions are present, perhaps the future are team that can TAC infinite and use supers that the kubota glitch doesn’t work on? Oh lord…)


Oh god, this game is getting so crazy… I like it :smiley:


This is nothing. Rogueyoshi just found something crazier apparently.


This is pretty crap really if this is “THE BIG THING” marlinpie and fubarduck were hyping up. I can only get it to work in neutral.


This sounds interesting. What does the glitch do, exactly? Can’t test it right now.


For all those that cant test it out heres a video demonstration i just quickly did:



WOW. Okay… [S]I take it you were just invisible but in full control that whole time? [/S]Watched it again and actually started thinking, interesting how if forces you to come in like that… might easily be countered say by XF. You are avoiding a super yes, but purposely having to deal with a mix up on entry.

Can you try it against Thor’s hyper grab? I’m wondering whether this activates on the first frame or not… thanks.

(Edit: and if you could quickly try out the other situations I listed above that would be great)


Holy crap…


How do you tag to a dead character?!


That is so fucking stylish :rofl: