DEAD - DEAL: 40GB PS3 + Resistance + NBA08 for $280.01 from Dell


40GB PS3 + Resistance + NBA08 for $280.01 from Dell

steal if u dont care about the shitty BC


Link isn’t working for me :crybaby:


Dead already because it was most likely a pricing error (the savings was supposed to reflect the 2 games, but instead they took it off of the PS3’s price). I managed to order one, but I bet they’re going to cancel the order soon.


Damn and I just got my stimulus check in the mail today too.


If this goes through, congrats to everyone that got one :slight_smile:


:crybaby: I am never leaving my computer ever again.


man, i saw this logged out went for my debit card and literally 1-2 minutes later it was gone. If this does go through let us know so i can feel sorry for myself. :frowning:


If you can complete the transaction, they will honour it as-is regardless of any corrections they make after it.

Back when the Pelican adapter was new, some website accidentally put them up for $5 apiece for half a day. (This is looneybins considering they go for $100+ on eBay now!)


I bought 15 of them !

They’re all gone now ;(


My order status is still “In Production”. I don’t expect it to go through, but let’s see :wonder:


No they won’t. They have disclaimers for that very such thing. You might get a coupon out of it, but if it really is a pricing error they blame it on a glitch and you don’t get the deal.


lucky i bought this 5 min after u posted!! lol