Dead Fantasy 1 ! A Must see!

Another Kick ass movie made by the guy (Monty Oum) who made the ‘Haloid’ (Female spartan vs Samus vid). Staring female characters from DOA and final fantasy!!! :lovin::looney:

good someone else posted it…cause i had JUST saw this posted up on gametrailers…i haven’t watched this all yet but i know it’s gonna kick ass.

Monty Oum is fucking intense man. Too good.:tup:

you should probably put monty oum’s name in the thread title so people know who made it…but that’s just me…

Hitomi is such a freaking powerhouse, haha.

Dude’s got major skills. Machinama takes so much work.

I was just about to post this in Gen discussion… sick sick movie tho

It probably deserves a thread spot in there imo since it would garner more attention there but eh. I still say thread creator needs to let people know who made this vid in the topic so more people can see this…cause it’s too good…i’m glad Monty finally got a fuckin job cause he deserves it.

This dude has incredible talent. I wish I could do stuff like that. :sad:

fucking sick

fucking amazing

Thought it was going to be lame at first but holy fucking shit.

wow y0… :wow:
on several different levels…


that was one of the most exciting things every put on film. no lie.

wow I was like another stupid thread wait there a video? haha it was fucking awesome! Someone rep this man.

I got my money on FFX-2 just b/c they got Rikku

With Tifa showing up at the end its gonna be a one sided battle… amirite!

Somebody youtube this shit. Fucking gametrailers is acting like a bitch. And for some reason it isn’t coming on at all when I use fire fox.

Co-sign. YouTube or Dailymotion please, GT is being ass slow.

LOL looked like Smash Bros. for a sec…

been trying to play the video for the last 2 days, it just wont load at all.