Dead Fantasy

This is from the same guy that created the famous Haloid movie

Dead Fantasy 1
Dead Fantasy 2
Notice that Square is kicking Tecmo as. But realistically with all of the abilities that Square characters have why not. But dayum Tifa is kicking some major ass but she always did though.

already posted a long time ago.

These videos suck. The guy who made them is obviously a talented animator with some great ideas, but he has no clue about pacing or anything.

Its what, 20 minutes (5 of them spend in a free fall D: ), with a bazillion punches, kicks, big attacks, destruction and… Whats been accomplished? Nothing. Everyones fighting fresh just like the fight just began.

I don’t expect story or anything like that. You don’t need a story to give a fight drama. I can never get excited watching fight scenes like this because theirs no risk. Theres no consequences or anything. It’s all just a big jerkoff fest.

But whatever. People are free to like it. Theres worse things to like then big explosions and silly fights. I suppose some people find this ‘fun’. But I’m an old man and felt like yelling. :frowning:

That’s your opinion. The other side of the coin is that this video, since it’s so nicely animated, landed him a job at Midway instead of working that part time (was is fast food?) job he had before.


No offense, but “That’s your opinion” is probably the lamest defense of anything ever. Of course it’s an opinion, but it’s a supported, reasoned one. That doesn’t make it right, but saying “That;s your opinion” doesn’t do anything. That’s like saying “That’s your sentence”.

Anyways, good. That’s where he belongs. I said he was talented, but he needs someone to tell him what to make so hopefully his fight scenes will have a hint of actual pacing.

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…maybe I should bump monty’s thread up since it seems some people still haven’t seen his stuff?

He’s actually working at Namco Bandai now (good job monty!)

…so you said he had no clue about pacing? uhhhh…I have to completely disagree with you. IIRC, Monty does most of his animation based upon the actual pacing of the track he’s putting into his video…He listens to it several times and the ideas for what he wants and how he wants it come to him in the process. Not to mention you’re also basing what you’re saying off of something that isn’t finished. But I guess the obligatory ‘to each his own’ statement applies here…

Insulting my videos is very much insulting me.

What is it that you do in your spare time? Because by all means do make a better one. Because what exactly are you comparing me to? The best action movie you ever saw? Or the best action movie made by one person who works a fulltime job and does it comepletely for free? Cause last I checked there weren’t any.

And if you’re gonna give an opinion, at least reframe from using short minded words like “these suck”

I made the video long because I wanted to give people a lot. I never imagined people would complain about getting more.

The pacing you’re talking about and the pacing I’m talking about are two different things. I refer to a more macro concept of pacing. There are no (or few) ups and downs in the action. It’s just 20 minutes of pure, nonstop fighting (and mostly rising action), and after awhile it’s like (for me anyways) when is something ACTUALLY going to happen? I can’t feel concern for any of the characters as they’re clearly invincible.

His micro pacing (Flow? Beat? Whatever) is quite okay.

Anyways, I think it’s the running time that kills these for me. The longer something goes on, the more important these principles are in my opinion.

I made a very successful freeware game (I Wanna Be the Guy), a game that has recieved a good mix of praise and scorn. I’m also working on a completley different game. I don’t just sit on my ass and judge other peoples work while doing nothing my self. (Though honestly, whither or not I do anything with my spare time has nothing to do with my ability to critic action sequences)

Though, if I knew you were actually from SRK and would post, I would of refrained in my tone a bit. I do respect hard work on any project (even though I stand by my criticisms) and respect the talent that went into the animation. Speaking to viewers (who have far less investment in the work), such crass statements aren’t exactly hurtful, compared to the same tone used with a creator.

Or I’d refrain from saying anything, as I’m sure (knowing from my own experience), that you’ve probably heard it all already.

Edit: Thanks for being upfront, Lobelia… But no. Not a chance.

Well excuse me gentleman shit! Like im supposed to know that guy post in here.

Yeah you are. It’s called “using the search function”.

It’s no doubt that the videos are 20 minutes worth of fanservice but in the sense of that, the pacing, rhythm and flow of the choreography I felt was excellent.

As for the characters able to survive without a scratch on them, I view it as a fighting game. Without the health bars, the characters give no indication that they were just hit by something devasting. They can still continue to fight and maneuver in the exact way as they did a moment ago and even with those one or two games that have noticeable body damage, they still have every bit the offensive ability that they originally had. If you suspend your disbelief entirely and try not to view it with a plot in mind (you may not believe it but you are), there are actually a lot of dramatic choke points in the videos that I don’t feel are that hard to notice at all.

Had he tried to make a film with a serious plot, I’m sure he would’ve made things differently but that’s not what that video was about. The video was basically a showcase of every single cool scene from that epic fight from your favourite movie/video game/anime/comic book in one video and the pacing and flow had me believing that he knew more about choreography than a lot of people who do this for a living.

whoever it was that negged me…can you atleast give me a good reason for why my post was negged besides ‘.’? If you don’t wanna state your reason that’s completely fine to…but I’m curious as to reason for why it was done.

I told you to shut up for a damn good reason. When all someone does is make a blatant attempt to raise hell by posting a long rant about how horrible Monty Oum’s videos are, then there’s a damn good place for them. Allow me to direct you there.

Also, just to stay on topic, I don’t think I should watch Dead Fantasy, and here’s why. Being someone who hates both franchises that were smooshed together to make the video, and also being so wildly impressed by Haloid that I started playing the first Halo JUST because that video was so awesome, I don’t want to be too harsh a critic of Monty Oum, because he’s one of the best CGI animators I’ve ever fucking seen.

Oh really inspite the fact clown that I actually followed the rules of posting a video in the correct forum. Dont even try little boy

I wasn’t trying to raise hell. I honestly I didn’t think I’d be the only one. I definitely didn’t think he’d personally be on SRK to be offended. I should have known better though, when it comes to posting in the non-fighting game sections of SRK. If I knew any of these things I probably would have refrained from posting. But whats done is done and if theres anything more for me to say, I’m going to say it.

So no. I won’t, “shut the fuck up”. Granted I wasn’t going to say anything else anyways unless Monty did. Why should I? So folks don’t throw red boxes at me? Please.

If Monty wants to hell at me thats fine, I have a reason to at least lower and my tone and be respectful. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone else has to say (unless they want to dispute my claims like a few people have attempted, which is an appreciated effort).

So you neg repped Kayin for a well-voiced opinion about the pacing of it, although from what you’re saying, he also agrees with you that they’re well animated? And you haven’t even seen it? At all?.. I thought you made more sense than that.

Aight this is starting to get out of hand a bit…woooooosawwwwwwww

Blame people who went prem so they could neg rep people who’s opinion differs from theirs.

It’s common sense. If it’s already on the forum, then don’t post it again. Don’t even try little girl.

But back on topic. The Dead Fantasy vids are awesome. Nuff said.