Dead forum? TIME TO OIL UP!

Eh, it sounded catchy.

Mostly, I guess I mean we should find a way to liven up our community of turkish wrestlers. I feel like out of all of the character forums ours is the most thorough and well informed, despite the fact we’re probably as looked down upon as Dan and Elf (A sad state of affairs).

Well, let’s fucking take it back! FOR AMERICA!

Er…Or something.

First off, I guess. How much fighting game experience does everyone have? Favorite games? Favorite characters? Any memorable moments?


I play a lot of fighting games. I don’t really like putting huge time into learning combo execution, so I usually play grapplers, or sometimes zoners. My favourite games right now are probably AE and Samurai Shodown 5 Special. I’d highly recommend SS5SP to everyone…it’s a high-damage game that is super focused on footsies, with lots of movement options and it’s not very combo-heavy overall. It’s also a game full of manly dudes with swords who cut each other in half. The game is pretty easy to emulate, and it’s available for netplay on GGPO.

I bet we could recruit T.Hawk users to become Hakan players (or come back to Hakan, for those that quit him). Perhaps I could put together a couple more tutorial videos and also post the ones I’ve got over there.

If anything, we should try to form a ‘Low Tier’ alliance. Power of Elf! Hawk! Hakan! Gen! Form the body of…CHARACTERS NOBODY EVER USES ONLINE!


I’ve always loved Tow tier. I just like the idea. Alright, life story -

I was born and raised in Hawaii. It’s cool and hot at the same time. So, in the Summer of 08’ I picked up 3S for no reason. Didn’t even know there was a scene yet. Me and my friend just drank and played for fun, wishing this was a thing we could find other players in. Also … we sucked. But despite, we found out from a friend that Hawaii was going to get a SFIV machine, then we found out from our bar guy that it was already downtown at Hawaiian Brians (a local dive arcade)! This was August 08’, a mere month after Japan!

We ran down there and thought we were untouchable, destroying guys on a Tuesday afternoon. A couple days later my friend calls me and told me he just got destroyed. I couldn’t believe it. He also said a guy named Jeff told him about a local tournament and he should enter. At the time I was working at the local paper and I thought, “Awesome I’ll write a cool feature about this little group.” Next thing I know, I’m meeting Dagger G, Leviathan, Shigz, Josh Pryor and a host of amazing local players. Then I found out Leviathan lived in the apartment right next door and Dagger was the floor above me! Crazy! We played and I got better and wrote more stories in the newspapers blog (we each were required to have one).

When the paper closed in 09’ I had to move from Hawaii to find work. I traveled to SF and played at the local arcade (which is nothing to what it is now), then I went to Phoenix where I played with Big Marcus, Scum bag, Saber, Mr.SNK and Juicebox among others. This is also where I entered my first major - Devastation, where I got top 16 and got knocked into losers at the end of pools by Juicebox, who sat, and then Showst0pper who just sat with his dumb Balrog, finished me in a CLOSE, next-hit-kills game. Then came EVO where I lost in the battle for my pool against the Honda with the ponytail from SF (sorry, don’t know name) in a Honda mirror match (who loses EVO in a mirror match?). Felt good, overall 11-2 for my first EVO, pretty good.

Still looking for steady pay and catching rides with my GF to her internships across the country, we went to Boston for four months (nothing to report) and, finally, down to New Orleans where I’ll have been for about five months. I just found the local scene last week, a cool upstart scene that has about 50 dedicated and phenomenal players. Now I get to play with Slick Rick and the other awesome LA players and where I unveiled my Hakan last week to great success, getting 3rd on Monday’s fight night against, around, 30 guys and losing to another sitting Balrog (I just can’t play that match, anybody else have trouble?)

One day I hope to live in LA (Cali)and pursue my dreams while playing with the best. I also hope my friends and brother can live there so we can start our low-tier team, “the pleasant fellows”, with a Makoto, Hawk, Fuerte and Sakura/Blanka.

I play the following:

ST: Honda
HDR: Honda/Fei/Cammy
3S: Oro/Elena
SFIV: Was Honda since Vanilla Arcade but now Hakan since Super and, now, learning Gen in AE for fun, but not dropping Hakan.
MVC3: X23/Deadpool/Skrull
SFXT: Marduk/Bob (you know it too… unless they release even weirder guys. I hope so.)
Smash: Game & Watch

I wish I could play Samurai but GGPO is a rare thing for me since I don’t have a PC right now.

I grew up playing fighters, but never against anyone. Why? I lived in the very south of Ohio (practically West Virginia), and my parents, sister and I lived on 300 acres of farmland. I didn’t have any neighbors, the nearest mall was an hour and a half away, and to top it off I was hte only one of my friends whom had a Genesis.


In fact, my first time seeing a Capcom arcade machine wouldn’t be until MvC2, and a theme park in Cincinnatti happened to have a bunch of them. I played fighters fairly obsessively growing up (with MK2 and ST being my favorite) but I never had anyone to play against, so I kinda dropped them for RPGs as I got older.

It wasn’t until a year and a half ago when I met my girlfriend that fighting games (and street fighter) would come back into my life. I met Rachel in an advanced public speaking course in my next to last quarter of college, and she gave a speech on LittleBigPlanet. I was intrigued by the girl whom knew as much about gaming as I did, and slowly we became friends, and eventually fell for each other. The first few times hanging out at her place once we started dating, she asked me to play SF4 with her. I was kinda shocked that she had the game, and I hadn’t played a SF game since Turbo, but I instantly fell in love. In fact, our mutual love of fighters has been a big driving force in our life.

We both now write freelance for gaming sites, and even do a podcast together on gaming (and soon a new podcast for just fighting games, as often our conversations turn to ‘What if’ questions about fighters. Funny side note, one of these around this time last year was a three hour discussion on a road trip about what characters we would put in a Street Fighter vs Tekken game, which we assumed would never happen).

We both were incredibly amped for Super’s release, bolting to wal-mart at the crack of the morning to pick up our copies. We haven’t dropped it since. To this day we both have around 200-300 hours of gameplay per copy, and I myself have over 1200 ranked matches played.

Safe to say, gaming is a driving force in my relationship and in my life. I have fighting games to thank for that.

ST: Bison/DeeJay
3S: Q, Oro
SFIV: Hakan, Rose, and soon Chun-Li
MvC3: Felicia, Morrigan, Hulk
SFxT (this is all speculation and wishful thinking on my part) Miguel/Hakan, King/Abel, Zangeif/Kuma, Asuka/Jun and with any luck, Karin/P-Jack

I despise Balrog, and before the Twins came along was my most groan worthy Hakan matchup. I’ve found the best thing to do is bait out his dash punches, and basically make him move on you. So, patience.

eh, might as well join in. Personally I was never into fighting games seriously until SF4, before then it was mainly tekken and I’m pretty sure button mashing wasn’t the right way to play that. It was SF4 that actually got me to get serious about learning fighting games and pretty much from then on, I’ve been trying to play all fighting games seriously rather than mindlessly button mash. I haven’t really played against anyone, mainly for the fact that I’m ‘that guy’. ‘That guy’ who always wins at games whenever friends come over and generally they aren’t particularly serious about fighters as I am.

I rarely play online although I’m thinking of heading to a nearby tourny ( if I can gather the courage), if not to compete, at the very least for the social side. Throughout Vanilla and Super, I never played a character enough to have a main, I ran through tons of characters (Dudley, Cody, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Guy, Gen, Abel and Hakan) and only Hakan stuck, since for one he is low tier and after seeing Kuroda and his Q on 3S, I was inspired to play low tier characters. For two, his Gameplay was vastly different from the others and his Ultra 2 is a taunt in its own right.

I’ve played a number of Fighters but my Fav ones as of recently are Blazblue and Mortal Kombat, storywise. Gameplay wise It would probably have to be Marvel vs Capcom 3, I never had the chance to play MvC2 so I didn’t know what I was getting into, suffice to say, it was easy to pick up but maintained some depth to it.

As of right now I’m playing:

Mortal Kombat: Noob
SSF4AE: Oni, Hakan
MvC3: Dante/Wesker/Taskmaster (still messing around with Dante teams)

There are other fighters I’ve played but these are the only ones I’ve played recently. Apologies if my life story isn’t that expansive :S

Thought people might be interested in this quote. UltraDavid is in the know on a lot of tournament stuff, and he was a big Hakan fan back in the day.

Eh, I do my best to ignore anyone once they use the word ‘tier’. Even UltraDavid, sadly.

Mordie where did you get that from?

He’s the first one not to put Hakan at the bottom anyway, if that’s anything to go by

I just got it from a general AE thread. He knows Hakan as well as or better than anyone. I think he’s speculating based on what he thinks Hakan can potentially do versus what people are currently doing.

Oh right, that’'s funny because I was going to say before that that I thought he was basing it on the current level of the hakan scene right now. But yeah you’re probably right, lol