Dead inputs on joystick


Hey all,

My joystick quit working today after a particularly frustrating round of SSFIV. I was mashing dash-back when my joystick quit working. I opened it up and took a look inside and didn’t see anything that looked broken or off. I checked all of the “clickers” on the PCB and they all were in place and still clicking but the inputs from them didn’t make it to the 360. If the controller-card thing was broken the buttons wouldn’t work either, right? So I’m thinking it’s just the joystick but I don’t know if I should replace the PCB or the whole joystick…or if that will fix my problem at all.

Any ideas?

It’s had heavy, almost daily, use for 2 years so I figure it might just be finally wearing down.

Edit: I did notice that when I was looking at everything that there was a bit of glue spread across some of the circuitry lines on the controller…card thing. I’d imagine those had been there though and probably aren’t causing my issue. It’s not like the controller’s heat melted the glue and it spread across the card…it doesn’t get that hot.

Edit: Edit: This is the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK by the way, I replaced the original SE joystick.


Check if the wiring harness is secure first of all. If that isn’t the problem, see if you can swap out the PCB switch assembly on the JLF with a friend’s to find out the problem. If it works, good, you just have to buy a new PCB switch assembly for your JLF (Sanwa TP-MA) which is about 13$ +shipping and sales tax if you have it. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work you most likely will need to get a new PCB (padhacks, PS360, etc).


Did you check the LS-DP-RS switch? Should be on DP for Digital Pad.


Lol @ how I overlooked that switch when giving options although it would be kind of weird for the switch to change positions while in the middle of a match.


Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll switch the assembly with my working TE and see if’s the PCB assembly. I’ll also check out that switch - if it’s switched over and that was my issue then I’m gonna laugh pretty hard 'cause that actually already happened to me once this week.

Edit: Ha, yeah that was it. Fail.