Dead Island

anyone been playing this? im up to the third chapter and i need to know if it picks up gameplay or storywise? the game has as an excellent feel to the melee combat and the setting is pretty cool but other than that its not seeming like a keeper.

i saw there was an achivement for killing human enemies so i was thinking plot twist but i dont want to have to spend another 5 hours of swinging and repairing to see it.

or is the game awesome but i just have bad tastes. i used to be a sucker for zombie anything till the gaming industry made zombies as common as first person shooters.

This game is fun but some of the shit in it pisses me off. Like the fact that I picked the gun character and have been running around with a spiked stick for hours.

Subscribing, so I can base whether I buy it or not on your opinions

I was gonna get it on Steam and see if it’s any good. Heard its like a Bethesda game rather than a L4D which is the opposite of what they kept saying it was gonna be.

I also heard they were many problems with the game though; graphics and character animation glitches.

I don’t think this actually occurs in the game, but it’s still funny.

Those stringy arms are like a old Mickey Mouse cartoon.

I changed my mind about buying this game just because of that. I still “obtained” it for pc with patch, but damn if I’m gonna pay. Seeing that shit ruined it for me, like finding out Gatorade is made with sugar-water and fruit flavor mixed with water soluble crystals of dried urine.

Infected magically spawning and running at you from across the map all the damn time is annoying. I don’t know why you have a fucking health bar either, everything kills you in basically two hits. The glitching/bugs with the enemies is getting annoying as well. Sad thing is all 36 patch fixes (Which was supposed to be day one, changed to month one) won’t fix any of the pressing concerns.


Level 22 atm. the game is ok a bit annoying sometimes though.

36 fixes? Holy shit.

snort You got the last part right. They took 5 years to make this, and still have all these problems? I think Valve could’ve taken them to the cleaners if they both started this project with the same idea at the same time.

^ QFT!!! Valve cant be beaten when it comes to zombie games…

Well they can, L4D2 still has a load of bugs of its own that remain unfixed.

the trailer looked so sad :shake:

the first few hours was a bit stale but either the hater in me took a break or the game picked up to where last night i had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep. the areas are pretty cool and theres a shitload of quests altho most of them are busy work status ie go here and do this, go bring this back to me blah blah blah nothing ground breaking but good fun still. the best part of the game imo is the feel to the melee combat, even tho i picked the gun chick i have more fun using different melee weapons and different types of weapons feel different. when theres like 3 or 4 zombies i swing around a baseball bat that i put nails into to scatter them and stop them from mobbing me but that approach wouldnt work with a large axe which you can use kicks to stagger the zombies and nail them really nice with a heavy swing from the axe.

of course none of this matters now cuz theres a bug in one of the main quests in the jungle that i reloaded 3 times and it still wont let me progress… back to redbox with this one, that shit is unacceptable.

I beat it the day after launch, it’s a ton of fun but I can’t imagine having fun with it alone, I played through it with 3 others. It’s probably the most glitchy and buggy game I’ve ever played but it’s still fun. I’d say definitely wait on a price drop, no more than $40 for this game.

They just did. L4D Series was boring after L4D1

Man, the zombie ai is a lot more aggressive since that patch they put out. They don’t play now O_O

Game is fun with bros. Waiting for the good mods to be finished.

What? They said it was going to be a game with huge open areas and quest hubs for a long time now and that’s what we got.

I don’t have any friends on XBL to play this with so I’m stuck in single player mode…:frowning: But it’s okay so far. The game can be cheap as hell sometimes, but I can live with it.

I wish this game was better than it is.It is fun for a while but overall there just is nowhere near enough content,even with sidequests.It’s essentially like Borderlands with zombies.On top of that there are a ton of bugs.It is a fun game overall though,just wish there were more to do :frowning:

EDIT:Also this game is not even close to difficult enough for my preferences.Oh,I died,well I lose small amounts of money and respawn five feet away from where I just died.Not enough repricussions for dying in my opinion.Plus the combat itself is not all that difficult.Don’t get me wrong though I still enjoyed the game.