Dead Or Alive 3.1 Thread

The best DOA game period, though last I heard there were only 25 people in North America who still play this game seriously. So, post your chracter specific strats and what not.


Not that I base that statement off anything. But hey, this is SRK. Nobody actually bases anything they say about DOA on anything.

But yeah, I play Bayman. He rules.

There are probably even less than 25 people that play it nowadays.

DoA altogether has been seeing a slowing of activity, might be due to DoA4 getting somewhat old or the fact that those running DoA4 tournments blow ass.

There was already a thread for this game or DoA3 specifically. Please use the search function.

Ein or Hayate all the Way.

Hayate for offense

Bass for defense

you pick

SRK 2007 FTW

Or it could be because DOA 4.1 sucks.

I couldn’t find it, this is why I made this thread.

WCG and CGS suck as far as tournament organization goes.

WCG = You have to play online just to qualify for REGIONALS and its single elim.

CGS = 1 Round 5 Matches…Largest health, single elim. They have offline qualifiers but only 2 of them.

EVO was the best shit that happened to doa.

you could call me a DOA noob. what makes DOA3.1 better than DOA4?

Imo Doa2/2 Hc > Doa4 > Doa3.1

jann lee kills it all day he has it all.