Dead or Alive 3 at Evo2k4?

If ssbm makes the cut, doa should too. It would definitely get a good turnout.

Lol yeah right. The only difference is SSBM is a GOOD game.

But they’re both common in the fact that they aren’t tournament worthy. :slight_smile:

DoA sucks. So does SSBM.

i would win doa3


a monkey could win DOA… just teach him to press the counter button

Who needs counters when you have broken command throws?

Fastest attacks in the game, AND they’re inescapable. w00t!!!

Dead or Alive 3 just doesn’t have what it takes to reach high level play. All that you need to do in it is 1.) whore counters and 2.) whore throws. That just doesn’t seem to scream depth to me.

OMG, is WCmaxi or Fetz gonna be there this year? I’m sure they could show you what a tournament quality game it is. :wink:


no … no they wouldn’t cuz like we said DOA is pore crap dude :wink: