Dead or Alive 4 balance patch released, Doa4.1?

Well its official as of this morning that Tecmo has released a balancing patch for Dead or Alive 4 via XBOX Live. Tecmo has not listed the changes but players have been able to confirm that changes have been made. I currently do not have access to my 360 but as soon as I do, a few hours or so, I will test out Jann Lee and post about any changes made to him. Discuss!

Yes if possible please list any and all changes made to characters.

I’d like to see who/what got nerfed and/or got upgraded.

well Christie sucks even more now:wasted: . Hayate is toned down, which he definitely needed.

Holy god, Hayate took it in the ass, especially his launchers.

I know a lot of people don’t like DOA (I’m no fan of it myself), and maybe this patch isn’t great, but honestly I think this is a great precedent to set for console-based fighters. For arcade releases, even, they could just always include the option to pkay by the original arcade rules, but still release patches for those who’d rather play a more balanced version of the game. I hope to see other developers utilizing this in future.

YESS!!! that fuck ass hayate YESS!!!

my newly loved kasumi’s juggleshave beentaken away tho :sad: those damn bastards

i guess its fair because my favourite character lisa seems to have basically NO juggles, well i did make 1 or 2 but theres like 30% chance of it actually happening, well if i punished stun-hold constantly it would raise to 60% but thats long

im really pissed tho i loved so much doing kasumi’s :r: + throw to :2p: :k: :r: :2k:

this is shit man they better add more wall interactivity then

but the updateis really nice you actually notice a diffrence, like your rank is always nextto your name now, i hope manymore updates will happen makingthewhole game look like dead or alive 5 or summit

edit: man what would of been cool instead is if they added the option to press X to pick a stage and add strong wind to stop you from being able to do juggles like how when you press Y on random you dont get danger zone stages, anything id rather have to eliminate juggling :sad:

Gotta agree mostly. Namco kinda does it with Tekken x.1 etc., but companies need to do it hardcore. Things like 2nd impact/3rd strike don’t really count because they keep adding features and/or characters. They should just keep the roster and fight system the same, while adding only minor tweaks. They should also sell the update at a discount for owners of previous versions. It’s definitely worth my money if I knew they were trying to make a balanced game.

Right now I think guilty gear comes closest, but only because I’m sure they don’t want to redraw sprites over and over heh.

I agree also…patches for console fighters…an EXCELLENT IDEA!!!

:lol:skates. Hayate got raped hardcore. That’s what happens when you have the technology to balance games through downloadable patches. Bitches get beat with the nerf stick. :lol:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Actually it does seem a little soon to me to be making balance changes, the game hasn’t really been out long enough.

I think the patch was to balance for online play. Hayate is really good, but online he’s almost unstoppable. So many ways to bait and launch, easy stun/mixups, and probably the most mobile character in the game.

hayate was a mother fucker, lisa’s front flip attack nullified all of his ninja back and forth shit but his in-fighting was annoying as hell

i like the fact he was more karate in his ninja style tho, makes more sense

Polarity: this is good, it means there should be more to come, and see’ing as ninja gaiden was chock full of updates we should see the same with this, and possibly one step ahead too

Yeah I don’t play the game so I don’t know how bad and obvious it is, it just seems with most games that you’ll find some apparently broken shit but then counters emerge over time. If it’s so obvious with this then it’s good though.

They have done. For ages. There’s for example, three different versions of VF4, two different versions of VF4: Evolution and two different versions of VF4: Final Tuned.

For console fighters- I think this is a necessary step in the right direction these days. I have to give Tecmo a lot of credit for even starting this trend- I’m not a fan of their series- but I would buy to support the principle if I owned an X360 (I think I’m done with consoles for the time being- too much crap these days)

Some of you talk as if this has never happened before (especially you Polarity, you’re as slow as they come). Tecmo has done updates/balance patches for DOA in the past on a couple of accounts. Some which come to mind are DOA 3.1 (or whatever it’s called) as well as a patch for DOA3. I even recall them having a patch/update for DOAU (though it was more for the ranking system than anything else).

I agree that it’s a good sign that Tecmo’s releasing a patch for DOA4, but seriously some of you blow this way out of proportion as if it’s the second coming of the prehistoric race. Online or offline, console or arcade, devs releasing patches to make their games play more balanced is nothing new.

The new part is that they are patching the console release like you would a PC game- at least that’s the impression I got.

That is a big step in customer service. Now, I’m not expecting Stardock ( a really good PC game maker)- level support, but a balance patch or two would do wonders for a lot of games…

lol its not just simple costume updates these updates have made a big diffrence, and another big deal is that its onlybeen out a few months, since its been updated so soon already leaves the impression that doa4 will get the same treatment as ninjagaiden

one other thing is, people only just started getting used to juggle combo’s and ways around nullifying them which comepletely became apart of our psyche to work around

doa3 wasnt online, so any updates that it got tbh is not important, plus it being clumsy wheareas doa4 is balanced it makes a GIGANTIC diffrence, and again its a surprise cos its so soon

You missed his point entirely. It’s nice that DOA4 getting patches. It’s been done before, with many other fighting games, usually within the same timeframe, but usually a little longer(how long did it take Namco to have testing on T5.1? or DR?). Usually a big patch like this means they realized that they seriously fucked up certain things. Especially so soon. Them getting this out now IS a good sign though, it means unlike years past, they’re actually fucking listening(since people are saying all kinds of old shit doesn’t work anymore).