Dead or Alive 4: Best 3D Fighter ever

Much mo bedda than VF.

Tekkens’ hos can learn a thing or two from these bouncy bitches.

Soul Caliber. . .you can’t fight people with weapons. You better get mo realistic.

Now, lets discuss why Dead or Alive is just the freshest fighting experience on consoles today.

I mean, lets run down the fuckin facts.

DOA - WCG (The world is WATCHIN!)

DOA - CGS (5 people is watchin!)

DOA - CGI (Aww shit!)

DOA - EVO06 (Yall need to get this shit back in there post haste!)

DOA - South Africa’s Fighter of Choice as voted on by me, the king of South Africa Julius Rage.

So ya see, its a very popular fighter. Very fun to play, very much more fun to watch than boring boring ass Tekken and VF5, very much 3D, very much got big titted hos in it, very much a lucrative gaming endeavor.

You’re a Zack player right?

Uh oh, someone gave praise to DOA on SRK, let the witch hunt begin. Seriously though, DOA4 is pretty fun casually. Matches still revolve around turtling and counters, but it isn’t the sole factor of gameplay like it was in the earlier DOA games. Online sucks though due to lots of lag and that many online players turned countering into a science.

Fixed your post for you

this is flame bait it should be called masher counter mappin button fighter


Dead or Alive is a great series, its just like hating on Super Smash brothers, it may be different than traditional fighters, and in your opinion, take more or less skill. I know all the pro’s and con’s, but I like it :). Unfortunately I have all the DOA’s up to 3, and Ultimate, No 360 :(.

Though its not better than VF, nor Soul Calibur, to each its own merits :slight_smile:

Watch your fucking mouth.:mad:

DOA is the shit, its the shit, its the shit, its the shit.

And never call me wack, you can call me the Alpha Male, Top of the food chain, King of the Serengeti, A Pillar of the African American community, The greatest Sonvabitch that ever lived but don’t you dare question my heart - I’m the best thats ever been.

So every one, lower ya voices, stop typin and look at my words. All glissnin and shit: I’m fresh mother fuckers.

Lol ^ Cyas!

We need a new DOA thread, this one sucks, lol.

Ps. Haven’t played 4, is it worse than the previous or your just not a fan?

I didn’t know JustOwnin had family in South Africa…

This guy is even more hated/annoying than JO.

Even his own community shits all over him whenever they can. He went to DiD2 (major DoA tourney in Dallas) after talking so much shit and didn’t even bother trying to back any of it up then proceeded choking harder than some bitch swallowing.

You heard it from Julius Rage and Tomonobu Itagaki himself, “Tekken sucks!”

Time to play some DOA4 online with sunglasses on in the middle of the night.

I have to admit, I think DOA is a very good series. Better than Tekken, better than VF

I love the DOA series, but I really don’t take them as seriously as I do other fighters…Fun games, but big time button-mashers…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

your not saying DoA is the shit because you see bouncy breasts in DoA on the fighters, are you? if thats the SOLE reason, your pretty much a failure.

I like the DoA series, I like the game. But it isnt enough for me to get myself a 360 and play it. I play Street fighter, Tekken and smash bros so dont think I’m one biased sonuva bitch.

You call yourself the best thats ever been? I call you a failure cause your ass doesnt mean shit to me. You can act high and all but don’t bitch once someone kicks your ass light or hard.

Anyways, now I get that out of the system, what Im trying to say is, DoA is good as its one of the dominant fighting games aside from SC, VF (maybe), Tekken, SF and SSB.

I think I might have said something that was not acceptable.

Doa is not even close to VF…period.

Virtua Fighter & Tekken Is Godlike compared to Dead of Alive.