Dead or Alive 4 delayed

I know, nobody really gives a damn about the game here, but some people might be interested in this news:

Kinda suprises me, though. First Oblivion, now this. Oh well…

Get thee DOA girls to the nunnery!!!

Whats the point of preordering a system if they arent going to have a copy for you? Worldwide launch sounds bad.

Quite a pity, but if this means the game is better i can dig it.

Oh shit, that is bad bad news. I had no idea that Oblivion had been pushed that far back. Now theres only the 1 game I want on the 360. Not so sure if I’ll go looking for one on launch now. :xeye:

That’s just too bad. You never launch a system without a fighting game in the line-up. However, since the delay is just a little over a week from the launch, this shouldn’t be too big of a rut (not that I care about this delay or this game for that matter, I’ll be too occupied with PDZ). Regardless, I’m sure this will come as a shock to all the “horndogs” out there. WWIII’s about to start…

This late in the game the game itself won’t be changed, it is just the manufacturing that is causing a slow down. It sucks for all those DOA fans that ordered it and will get Call of Duty instead, there are hardly any bouncing breasts in that game.

And I dont wanna hear ANYBODY bitching.

Recoloring costumes is hard work.

This is the only game I have pre-ordered, and I’ve already heard from the local EB manager that I won’t get my 360 until the third shipment… so it’s fair game.

Delay it all they want. Better than releasing a glitch fest like SC3.

P.S. No honestly, I feel bad for the fans, especially those who have the human-size kasumi pillow :rolleyes:

Haha, owned. :tup:

Seriously, though, a week really isn’t too bad. I’m sure that the Dead or Alive fans will survive.

It’s not like they are doing some deep mechanical beta testing.

I bet Team Ninja is toning down the “boobage” or something close to it.

The boobage is what sells DOA so I doubt they would turn that down. Its probably just shipping problems since its only a week late.

It’s all in the gammers.I still remember millions of Sony zombies going to the stores, making lines for a lot of hours to buy a damn Playstation 2 and then heading home without games because PS2 launch day Sony didnt released any games.

Damn zombies, spend like 300 dollars at that time to have a console without games.

At least X360 have a few games to play when it comes out, that in my point of view is a sucessfull launch, as well as all the console debuts with playable games.

Glad I didn’t preorder one…

Capcom vs SNK 2 came out first for the DC :wink:

Man, this game won’t stop being delayed. First, 12/2. Then 12/14. Now 12/21. Almost a month from the inintal release. What’s qorng? Online lagging? Shipping? Costumes? These guys are making no sense.

They’re still tweaking online shit.

Wait…:confused: Tengu’s in it? WTF?

Better be adding nudity, or a hot make out scene between Ayane and Kasumi (yeah I know they’re sisters, fuck you) damnit!