Dead or Alive 4 - GOOD Games Thread



Give your props here.

I’m not making a bad games thread for this game, because I don’t think anyone here will take this game seriously enough to bitch about droppers and scrubs. If you feel the need to bitch, take it to Gamefaqs or DOA Central.

Oh, and props to Scoot for going Jackie Chan on my ass earlier, as well as a couple of my buddies from Gamespot. I might have to pick up that stick after all…


Im a good doa player. ill play anyone. no fear. Just like CFJ


Stickied - DoA4 is now online


GG’s krush and hydra also :tup:


Good games to scoot… i own you bitch and nice talking to hydra… well get some games in soon laterz


Lol you only really kicked my ass 1 game when I was about to go. I will wreck you next time. I saw those grabs from a mile away but i thouht I could tech them. Next time it’s jab jab bitch.


GGs to Nightbird DS. Finally got the Ein anti-counter game working in that last match. Sucks about the lag though.


Ggs to Ray and Cole last night.


Good games to whomever we (aceturnedjoker and Koop) were playing. We were under the online name of


Good games no doubt and much respect. Trying to learn this whole DOA thing…



Bad game to Wrightmare. Lagging Jann Lee scrub who screams. Or am I missing the BAD DOA4 thread?

Worse game to Bulletdein. Crippling, horrible lagger.

And worst game to Mr Raymond…for being a lagging quitter.


Damn peeps can’t get enough of Dead or Alive 4.

No wonder this game is at Evo :confused: :wtf:


yo…ill play u guys…jus add me… GT:epidemic sama


sup. gg’s to those i have played.
we need to do a tourny .


anybody wanna battle, serious or not hit me up and add me: JINXHAND


sure why not…


I’m game


anyone still play this online?

my 360 wiped out all my game saves, but I’m always down for games


Hit me up on AIM. I can play regularly.


Ay, I’ll play whoever wants to play.
Hit me up: NykkoMT


^oh shit…look who it is…im rusty as hell but ill add you when im on again.