Dead or Alive 4 Match Finder

Whats up heres my GT if you want to get some games in.

GT: Perfect Legend

most of the doa4 players on SRK already post on DOAC

ill play some wit u

GT- Flash House

You can add me, too. I don’t play much and I’m not great at DOA, but I’d rather give up wins to an SRKer.
My tag is Final Cut.

Haven’t played this game in ages but I’m making the rounds on the online fighters threads so here I go. Gamertag: Chris Mishima X

I have DOA: Ulitmate too but I don’t wanna play that…

I thought id post my gmertag here as well. I just recently got into the 360 and im barely learning the ropes in DOA4, but if u guys wanna add me as a friend, heres my gamer tag = KwAza