Dead or Alive 4

hey i got this game yesterday and wanna know if theres any good players at this game on this forum, im on my lil bro’s tag because i havent got round to getting one yet but he’s pretty ok he uses elliot most of the time (i never use him, he’s good tho) and he would like to face some good players, ill be on this game in about an hour and a half of this time so if any of you wanna face me then add-

True Pheonix X

keep in mind thats my bro’s tag so if u manage to beat an elliot user dont start bragging lol :tup:

Does anyone else in GA play this game

I beat your brother last night. He was easy pickings. I’m coming for you next. :devil:

SIKE. I don’t even have this game. Wish I did.

:rofl: that was quite funny, hope you get this game soon :tup: its 80% fun 20% annoying :rofl:

edit: actually its 10% annoying only when ur getting ur ass handed to you when your trying and thatrarely happens, not to me anyway

i love fuckingwith peoples head :rofl: