Dead or Alive 4

I love this game. As only being introduced to the series through this addition, I can’t really say how well it fares, although friends of mine have told me that it is a marked improvement.

I’m interested in hearing how you guys view the game, who we can expect to see at it ar Evo, first/technical impressions of characters, etc.

There’s already a DOA thread here.

This is crazy. There has to be SOMEBODY who has played and/or likes the game/series.

yes i am a big fan of doa…so theres at least one person here :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, are you planning on entering the DOA at Evo this year?

hopefully…i plan to…cause doa owns

Use the search function. there’s already a thread for doa4

seriously , i’ve seen a few of my friends playing do4 , is really good .

they should made it in the arcade .

I searched several times and found nothing.