Dead or Alive 4

Didnt see a thread for this if there is just link me and delete this, I found the game today for 10 bucks so i picked it up. What are yalls thoughts on this game and how did u set up your buttons for a stick for it?

I sold my copy of Dead or Alive 4 a while ago. It was fun at first because it was the only fighting game available for the Xbox 360 at the time and had people to play against online. I got tired of it because I got sick of the way the gameplay felt; it was all fast and felt weird compared to any other fighting game I’d played and I hated how you can win by just using counters if you’re really good at predicting your opponent’s attacks or if you get lucky. Those counter attacks hurt as much as Street Fighter II throws.

There’s really no need to play Dead or Alive 4 now that there are better fighting games out now. Plus, Tekken 6 is almost arriving so there you go if you like 3D fighting games. At least Tekken takes skill to play. With Dead or Alive 4, you get your ass whooped by mashers and some of the combos are impossible to execute like Hayabusa’s. I don’t know. I’ve never played Dead or Alive 4 competitively so maybe I know nothing about the game at all. I’ve only played casually and it just seems like the game doesn’t require much skill to me. I see it merely as a casual fighting game.

As for the button setup, I’m assuming there’s an option for that in the button configurations since there’s an arcade stick made just for the game (and I own one so I would know).

yeah there’s definitely a DOA4 thread somewhere… but instead of tagging this or flaming someone, instead i’m just gonna say ‘I love DOA4’… and imma piggyback my tournament:

We’re holding a DOA4 tourney at Season’s Beatings 4… it’s either gonna be on Saturday or Sunday, entry fee is $5, winner takes all, and the rules are: best of 5 rounds, best of 3 matches, standard size life bars, random stage select first, loser’s picks second and third, winner has to pick the same character, loser can counterpick, no tengu, grand finals are gonna be best of 5 rounds, best of 5 matches…

… if anyone in this thread happens to be attending SB4 and wants in on the tourney just pm me for details…

DOA4 is a waste of time, but for other reasons.

And the DOA thread is here:

Took me five seconds to dig that up. Don’t you just love it when 09’s avoid the search function or digging through the archives to make useless threads?

fixing everyones post It doesnt play like any other fighters and im to lazy t learn something new so it must suck. fixed

it sounds to me like you guys just havent put any effort into the game. ive been playing the game since doa2 hardcore, & once you guys get to the higher levels its harder. watch a vid of “Master” play & you’ll see. empty countering is just something scrubs do, but in the higher levels, no one counters unless youre being predictable. you all probably played scrubs online. give the game more of a chance, doa is one of my most fav fighting game series & its sad to see how little love it gets on this site.