Dead or Alive 4's merits as a competitive fighting game?

I’ve always thought of the DOA series as a fun, but flawed and shallow fighter. Granted, I never gave it much of a chance. I rented it and played through the arcade mode a couple times and I would play it at a friend’s house every now and then, so perhaps I’m naive and never got to the deeper part of the game.

However, whenever I watch two people who claim to be good at the game, it always just seems to become a game of throwing random parries out and doing outrageous damage when someone’s back is to the wall.

I’ve been wrong before. I thought smash was merely a party game, til I got to the deeper side of it. Now, I’m a competitive player and one of the top in my area.

**So if there are any DOA players here on Shoryuken that can honestly and reasonably explain to me why this is a competitive fighter, please go right ahead. ** Although, to be honest, the fact that Dead or Alive 4 was in evo2k6 (I think) and not in evo2k7 (I think) says a lot.

dont worry about it.

What’s with the threads where the OP wants someone to convince him of something?

Go here: and form your own opinion.

Do your own research.