DEAD OR ALIVE 5 - announced!

It’s been announced, follow this link for details and screenshots:

You’ve been tricked, it hasn’t been announced.

I wanted to know your thoughts and see how enthusiastic you were about a new DOA game.

I’m very excited, and I think it’s a beautiful universe that they’ve created.

Mr. Itagaki [san] mentioned he felt the DOA girl models were like his daughters; I think it would be hilarious if a new developer moved them towards the realm of adulthood, the way every father fears when his girls are headed to college.

Seriously, though. I don’t know how much he had to do with character design, or anything, but the female characters are great and it’s a very cute world they built around them.

I haven’t played DOA4 in a while, but I recently bought DOAX2. While I haven’t played it much, I’m waiting for some way to unlock everything, so I can make high-resolution wallpapers, and a bunch of them, so I will never need anything else, as wallpapers cannot get any more beautiful than one from DOAX [2].

Move along folks it’s just another 2009 member trying to gain att-

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doa sucks

You know, you could have bothered to not post a fake link and news title if you want people to read your topic. :wtf:

Anyway, a 5th game in the series seems up in the air now that Itagaki left Tecmo. Maybe they’ll do it without him, maybe they won’t.

itagaki looked like the back of a nestle crunch bar

oatmeal cookie imo

I really liked DOA2 on Dreamcast, but not enough to have bought any of the future titles.

A few months ago, I popped DOA 4 in and my brother was amazed by how good the game looks. After all these years, the game still looks very nice. I’d definitely want to see DOA 5, but man is that a question mark right now. If they do bring the game, I hope they add that girl from Zack’s ending as a playable character.

Why play DOA when there are much better fighters on the market?

Because that isn’t a fact it’s an opinion. People play what they like.

Tecmo IS working on DOA5 and they have been for a while now. I just hope it isn’t exclusive to X360, it alienates so many players.

peanut butter pancakes

I actually wouldnt mind a DOA5 on ps3. I’ll play something before I hate it. That being said, Fuck street fighter 4, Bring back melty blood. Mango miyakooooooooooooooooo

DOA is garbage and should stay gone.

Judging from models, don’t all of them seem very developed to not be adults?


Well Actress Again, the newest MB revision, is hitting the PS2 in around a month or so.

Doa 3 was good 4 was too scrubby I hope 5 will not suck balls. Such hate for DOA…

DoA5, if it happens, probably will stay exclusive on xbox.

I would’ve personally used this link, cleverly disguised, as the initial link in this thread.


But then again, I would post a retarded thread like this, so I wouldn’t even have the chance to post this link at the start of this thread.



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