Dead or Alive 5: Petition on SRK for DoA5 Subforum


Why not? Please have this in the “Strategy Zone.”

Yeah, it’s a really great game. The game is very fast pace, feels realistic in regards to the fighting, the counter-hold risk vs rewards is so fun (probably more fun than focus attacking), and overall it’s a very balanced fighter. I haven’t seen any cheap shots, any broken tiers, or broken glitches that really break the game. There’s one infinite with Mila, but that’ll get patched soon.

On a side note, this is how I feel about this game…

It’s a solid game overall, and it’s like, you can just feel that it’s a great game. When you lose, you actually feel the motivation to step up, train your combos/mixups, and play again and win. When you also lose, you feel this dying desire to keep playing and get better.

You also feel like there’s so much room for improvement, and there’s no time to waste, as you must get ahead and fight to get good. I don’t know, it’s like you have good chemistry with this game, and everything resonates with you. I sure as hell didn’t feel this desire to devote myself when I was playing SFxT…

Also, you’re not complaining about lame fireball spamming, lame divekick pressures, or lame teleports when you had a knockdown on your opponent. No X Factors, no Ultras, no comeback mechanics, none of that. Just pure fighting.

Pretty sick game. Fair, balanced, and nothing to abuse. It’s all up to the fighter, not the character that is being used. So if any of you guys feel something similar to what I said above, then that’s how you know this game is a solid and great game.

Before anybody posts any objections, let me first handle common objections.[details=Spoiler]

  1. Oh, DoA5 does not deserve it’s own sub-forum because it’s not a Capcom game.
  • So what? You got Tekken from Namco here, and you got Mortal Kombat from Midway/Netherrealm Studios. Not gonna call you a hater, but please think about what’s fair for certain fans in their respective preferential games.
  1. Oh, DoA5 sucks, Tekken Tag 2 is better, so nope we can’t have a sub-forum for DoA5.
  • That’s subjective. DoA5 is actually quite a complex game, and has a lot of potential for being a true fighter. I’m not saying it’s better than Tekken Tag 2, nor am I saying Tekken Tag 2 is better. The point I’m making is that if Tekken has one, then let the growing population of DoA5 have their own sub-forum thread as well.
  1. [Common Troll Post] Oh DoA5, lulz, The only fighting game to cater to 14 year old horny nerds!
  • Lol, troll detected! Please, if we were to play the game only because of the amazing visuals, then we would not have any people playing to game. Well first of all, are you fucking gay? What’s wrong with sexiness anyway? Those of you who have a problem with DoA5’s beautiful girls, there’s something wrong with you. Perhaps you are having some trouble coming out of the closet?

  • On top of that, we played the game long enough already. We’re over the sexual appeal, geez, people don’t whack off to Chun-Li for 15 years straight. What’s my point? If you play the game enough, you’re bound to “get over it.” So we don’t play it for the sex appeal, we play it cause it’s a good 3D fighter with lots of potential.

  1. “Common Troll Post] DoA5 will never be as good as Virtua Fighter 5. A wannabe 3D fighter.”- What does that have to do with anything? Read #2 regarding Tekken Tag 2.

  2. “Oh, DoA5 shitty graphics / DoA5 has a lame storyline / DoA5 has cheesy voice actors / DoA5 has cheesy win quotes…”- … That’s it? That’s your best argument why DoA5 doesn’t deserve it’s own sub-forum? What a joke, get out of here son. DoA5 has THE BEST graphics I have ever scene for far for a 3D fighter. It’s got amazing stages and really detailed textures. Wtf you smoking?

  • Lame storyline? Well, you act like SSF4 was any better. Seth? Gimme a break, a fighting game is a fighting game, so forget about the story anyway. The people who say DoA5 cannot have it’s own sub-forum because the storyline sucks is silly reasoning. I don’t see them nut-hugging over SSF4’s lame animation storylines. (Or even worse SFxT’s) [/details]

The DoA5 players have been asking for it for a while now. And now that we can evaluate that this is a good game, we have observed that this game needs discussions for **character specific matchups, strategies, frame data, combos, DLC news, update news, twitter blog updates from Tecmo, future discussion, bugs, glitches, netcode problems, etc… **I don’t care if we even get placed down below with all the other games like KoFXIII, CvS2, 3rd Strike, just give us a place to build our spot in this awesome melting pot of fighting games forum called SRK.



Can I “sign the petition” even though I am playing it because of the sexy [S]girls[/S] women?

Seriously, the babes are one of the things I love about the game, but more importantly. I have fun playing it. I went to FSD to search up strategies and stuff and the first post in the combo guide for Hitomi (used to) say nothing but “Most of her combos are the same with some new ones.” How is that supposed to help a PS3 player who never played DOA4? I think adding a DOA5 forum would allow this game to grow especially since SRK (IMHO) is more commonly known than FSD because Capcom fighters are more well known whereas FSD is more 3D fighters.


Yes. SRK is the melting pot of this generation’s fighting game era for promoting and letting communities in their respective preferential titles/franchises grow.

I am a member at Free Step Dodge, and I feel like opening up a small section on SRK is also a great idea for something “fresh” and with the potential to grow exponentially at any given time.

Remember, most players are pre-judging DoA5 right now or they are occupied with Tekken Tag 2 / SCV / VF5. My argument is not to tell them to quit their current hobby and join this one. On the contrary, my point is that fans of TT2/SCV/VF5 could be dropping any of those games at ANY moment for ANY given reason, albeit boredom, or something new, at least they have more options to choose from now and they can hop right into SRK’s DoA5 sub-forum section and get started right away on learning the game, instead of being tossed to the wolves and whatnot.



I agree with the OP, is very underwhelming when it comes to character discussions.


extravagant: I actually support the vast majority of what you said, and would like to see all of the current, major fighting games get their own sub-forum. With perhaps one or two exceptions, the current batch we play in tournament circles (or even common choices for casual play) hold up very well and could justify having their own little area. That said, I’m not sure how valid the “are you gay?” preemptive retort is; it’s very hostile/stereotyping and ‘off message’ from the rest of what you had to say. Everything else was reasonable or constructive, and fair to bring up. You’re not trying to tear TTT2/VF5FS/etc. down, as you said; you’re simply trying to elevate a game you enjoy and that is a fine thing.

Please don’t think my one critique derail the rest of your excellent points, though. I’m with you all the way on the rest of this, and hope we’ll see a DOA5 section!

#6 had more tech info on the game as far as stepping and what not. Or course the VF characters are supposed to be pretty cheap with it. GentlemenThief showed it off in matches at CEO(?) and placed pretty well for himself.

Btw it’s Virtua not Virtual.


Amen. I don’t know why but lots of straight males always seem to attack this game for its women. It’s probably because they are in denial and don’t wanna admit that they are attracted to the girls. In that case, they get this pretentious psychosis that the game is not worth playing.

The rhetoric of me asking if they’re straight or not is me poking jokes back at them the exact way that they poke jabs at us with that remark. My intention is to bring a point after all, but not argue or offend anybody.


FSD has less info for now because the site’s newer than DOAW, however this will probably be changing soon seeing as majority of the competitive DOA community posts there.


1st you blow up the DOA thread with activity to a point when there’s no choice anymore but to make a full forum for it, then you ask for a forum. That’s how it works.

Also lose the butthurt attitude. You get yourself trolled before anyone even said anything. Almost every video game has boobs and some form of fanservice anyway.


Pretty apt, but DOA catches the most flak for it to the point where it’s one of the first things many people think of when the series is mentioned. …Probably because the DOA devs make little attempt to hide that’s what they’re doing. And when they do try to hide or tone the behavior down, apparently people ask them to go back to how things were beforehand; or So I Heard regarding the alpha.

Still, you are right. SF has it, Marvel has it, Skullgirls has it, so does KOF. Mortal Kombat is pretty blatant about it too, and even Persona has a little of this. Whether one considers it a problem or not is up to individual taste, but it certainly is there in varying degrees for most of our games. And yes, you specified ‘video games’ rather than just our favored genre; I was just narrowing the focus down some to be illustrative.


Asking for DOA to be without bouncing boobs is like asking for a SF without a guy wearing a gi. Ain’t gonna happen, but who cares? The question we should be asking is if the game is good and fun to play, or not.


You should have added a poll. But consider this a signiture


make it 2


I believe the answer to this question is a given; I think this question is an insult to (not you, but) anybody’s intelligence, as the game has so far spoken for itself in a positive light. And that is why the community needs to grow here.


How can you say a game is good after only a few days? Especially considering we usually get ports of arcade games that were played under fierce conditions for about a year.

Are you like those mainstream websites who act like they can pass judgement on a fighting game right with its release? This shit takes time.


SRK really needs to revamp their organizational layout to accommodate all the new fighters that are coming out now and in the future.


Have you played it yet? Not all games need to be unnoticed like 3rd Strike, you know! No, I just play the game. Within my experience with the game so far, the fundamentals, mixups, counter baits, combos, stun setups, gimmicks, timing, frame traps, and footsies make this game a viable game for great play. We *really * are fighters with this game. [Lol, pun unintended!]

I mean, my question to you is, have you played it yet? If so, then how long?


Some games aren’t worth their own subsection do you see a subsection on srk for Melty Blood or Arcana Heart 3 or the just released Under night In birth?


The thing is not that some games don’t deserve their own section, but that not every game needs their own section if
A) There isn’t a scene for the game.
B) There are other places dedicated to the game to get info about it.

SRK usually only puts sections for the games that they consider would have some sort of scene inside the tournament circuit, i am not gonna lie, i was really surprised when they started to add sections for games that weren’t made by capcom (a trend that started with BB on 2009), but outside perhaps the SG section, all the other sub games barely have info of the game, characters matchups, etc.

In the end is always better to just go to the dedicated site/forum for the games to get the info.
If you waant info about GG/BB/P4A, DL is your option.
If you want info about Tekken, Tekken Zaibatsu is the place to go.
MB? Melty Bread; SC, 8runway; MK, Test your might etc, etc

I also would like a DOA section here, but if we use the other sections as precedents, we wouldn’t have characters sub sections and it would be almost dead the major part of the time. :confused:


There is no need for the way they have the layout with the sf, mk and other character subforums out on the main page…most would just have Umvc3 title ,then when you click it, then there is subsections and char specific sections, so it does no look like the calamity trigger it is now.