Dead or Alive 5

Tecmo booth:


Kotaku saved a mirror of it:

There will be no end to virtual titties.

this game will definitely steal the show.

Its gonna suck.

I’m calling that shit.

This franchise is more Dead than Alive


Jokes by BS.

Without Itagaki and most of the old team, it is destined to suck.

lol, someone had to do it.

Still looking forward to seeing the gravity defying boobie physics.

Without TI? Let’s see how this turns out.

It’s going to suck without Oatmeal face? Naw, man, they’re better off without him. It’s not like they could do any worse.

because the previous titles were crowning jewels of excellence lol…

Best Fighting game all of times!!

“Tekken sucks. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” -Itagaki

DoA da bess.

Give it to meh.

2010 man…2010. :amazed:

Which fighting game will be announced next?

Featuring innovative boob physics never seen before

At least it won’t be developed by Mr. Cookie

DoA4 sucked, lets hope DoA5 doesn’t.

MK9 or DoA5, hmmmmm…

(who’s gonna suck less)

Awesome, I always enjoyed the counter mechanics of the game, I just wish they did less damage to make the match last longer. I like long matches in fighting games, well except SF charge character matches.

Dunno about you, but IMO the lack of a certain Mr. I Wear Shades Indoors Because I’m a Douche should actually work in this games favor.

Shame on you, those are two best fighting games in universe with official confirmation from their very creators. Their next step is making MKvsDoA as the final evolution of fighting games where it will reach godhood.