Dead or Alive 5

All of these Great Fighting Games are coming out, But No DOA 5?!!?!? this is madness!! With it the DOA4 port coming out on the 3ds Do you think will be coming out soon?! I know Doa is not the Most techincal fighter out there, But, its causal enogh to where everbody can have fun Mashing buttings! Share your thoughts!

I never had the chance to get into the series, so I wouldn’t mind a DoA5.

you best bet is to play 4 =)

DOA4 and DOAD suck. A lot. If DOAD is any indication it means that DOA without Tom Itagaki has no future.

The best games in the series are DOA3.1 and DOA2HC. DOA3 and DOAU aren’t bad either.

its just a matter of opinon really, the all play the same for me =)

You can’t be serious, but then again, you did say it’s the most technical fighter out there, so I shouldn’t be suprised.

You should check out VF Final Showdown when, I mean, if it hits the states.

no, if you read it CORRECTLY I quote “I know Doa is tNOT the Most techincal fighter out there” -_-;;

oops. my bad.

I have my doubts on DOA5 coming soon or not, on one hand, fighting games are making a big come back mainstream. There is still room for a few other franchises to make a come back if released soon. DOA Dimensions is at least doing well commercially and among casual fans. I would personally love a DOA5 (and for it to get some competitive support from the community like another spot at EVO and WNF etc)

I think a more interesting topic to ask might be, what sort of things would you want to see in a sequel? I think 4 player online with decent net code is a must. Really from what I hear they’d do best to follow Mortal Kombat’s angle. I’ve always been a fan of the content DOA games bring (costumes, modes, cutscene endings etc) so I think the biggest things for DOA5 to be a success is gameplay and marketing.But I’m no expert in either area so I don’t exactly know what to suggest for it to be a hit like DOA2 was.

Man, if this would to happen I’d want a PS3 and 360 release.
PS2 was only given Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore.

Honestly I think DOA 5 mostly depends on if they can produce one or not without the original creator. I definitely think it would be profitable, I think Dimensions probably made just to test the waters with the franchise again. DOA5 on 360 (and maybe PS3) for 2012-2013! I am crossing my fingers for this, there’s no better time then now Team Ninja!

(the more pessimistic outlook would be, DOA Dimensions was just released to squeeze one last drop out of a dead brand while fighting games are hot but have no real intentions of reviving the series)

DOA5 needs to take the series in a new direction if it wants to complete with the big players in the fighting game field. Dimensions proved they are capable of making major changes but a bit more needs to be changed. DOA2 Hardcore is still one of my favorite fighting games.

My question is why they have’nt made this yet…I hope team ninja has a good reason.

I’m hoping for a PS3 release as well since DOA4 being on 360 is the only thing stopping me from buying the game. No one around me plays it and I’m not paying for Live just to play the game against others on my sister’s 360. After I go on vacation and finally have money to spend again, I plan on picking up a 3DS for DOAD and a few other games.

DOA4 was rushed and poorly balanced, but if you are a fan I’m sure you can find it used for cheap. I sold my copy about a year ago, even though I am a big DOA fan.

I’m not a big fan but I love FGs and it’s definitely a different type of FG that’s based mostly on counters. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy so after learning about DOA4, I was a bit upset that the closest game I could get is DOA2H which is obviously inferior and doesn’t even have Hitomi>:(

I love DOA. My favorite is DOAU. Although I wish it had the speed of 4. I would love to see this game come back soon. I am pretty sure I own every DOA game available to me.