Dead or Alive 5!/tecmokoeieurope
Good news DOA fans!

Both games are coming in 2012 (for both PS3 & Xbox 360)

Great news! About time DOA5 gets announced.

Good news indeed, holy shit so this is the 92nd new fighter comin. How do I make time for this??! :frowning:

hell yes
Pre-Alpha Gameplay.

The game looks fantastic! Wow, I’m hyped!

omfg fuck off! too many fucking fighting games

I like that ending, I mean, tekken only now 11 years later has added multi leveled gameplay. now doa is 11 years ahead in level interactive design, does this mean that we will have an insane action fighter on our hands? that ending hinted to that fact.

but seriously, I wanted to focus on soul calibur, tekken and street fighter 3. then street fighter x tekken starts looking interesting, then Ultimate mvc3 promises more strategy, king of fighters looks interesting, theres skull girls looking v interesting and now this?

fuck off

See I figured it out, sorta. You gotta pick 3 mains n fuck around with everything else lol. Mine are gonna be kofxiii, vf5fs, umvc3, doa5, sfxt, bla bla bla ect. Wait im lost :frowning:


well ok, I already said im gonna be a special mode git with soul calibur now, KOFXiii will never be KOF98 (I have a ps3 :sad:) umvc3 should be a spam fest anyway, doa5 should be a “haha counter” fest, sfxt will be fun. so that just leaves third strike and tekken tag 2. im just gonna pretend skull girls doesnt exist :wonder:

ill always have room for VF5

I liked fucking w/ ppl and just the overall stun mechanic in doa. Everyone liked to low counter out of stun so herp derp low grab for 40% was fun. Theres was only a handful of players who were smart enough to slow escape and not eat a high counter & thats when the mind games start. DAT ENDING got me hype though.

Not a DoA fan by any stretch of the imagination but, DoA has always had great stages. I’m kinda happy they are continually doing their own thing with them even though i hate some of the random ass element in some of them. Shotouts for a company doing stuff right and releasing gameplay footage first before anything else. SFxT did it right, and this is doing it right too. Now we need other comapnies to start advertising with more gameplay and less cinematics.

Tekken devs didn’t want to put it before they could do it in a serious way that won’t hinder the game’s competitiveness, which never was a limitation for the DOA devs.

That’s why in DOA4 you got hit by passing cars and tigers and shit.

I’m totally psyched about this!
really curious to see when it’ll be released though, with SF X T, SC5, Tekken Tag 2 all being next year too–my fight stick will be getting a major work out.

The game will still not be played seriously until they fix the counter system.

DOA5 will make you work out a different “stick.”

Haven’t played a DOA since 2 way back on the DC. So I guess can give this a try. Also, unlike with Ninja Gaiden 3, I don’t have as many “expectations” about where Hayashi and his crew could muddle things up…

If Team Ninja and/or Tecmo-Koei have any sense, then they’ll do what Namco and Capcom have been doing and reach out to the FGC to get the series fixed.

And apparently, it’s not like the DOA scene hasn’t been trying to reach them. They just need to do more to start actually LISTENING.

And before you know it, we’ll probably have other new games like Bloody Roar 5, Samurai Shodown 7 (2d), Darkstalkers 4, Capcom vs SNK 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Online, Melty Blood for 360 and PS3, dare I go on?

yeah being a tekken player I think I already know this :rofl:

the cars and the tiger was easy to deal with, the combat is very very simplistic, having said that I believe the future of some fighting games franchises will have a much more dynamic involvement with the environment which will then become a much more respected form of strategy simulation

im just gonna ignore they exist.

(samsho :sad:)