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That came outta nowhere.

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thats really a surprise. good to see that the series continues.
i hope the pc port will get some more love this time.

i really wonder why they did not showed it up at the anticlimatic good by event they had some month ago.


That was unexpected.
But now I am interested and want to know more.
And to throw my money towards Team Ninja.
Give me all the kink male costumes, Team Ninja!



Awesome, really happy with the announcement.

I like their emphasis on solo modes and most of the added features, I’m actually really excited for this game.


@Doctrine_Dark with the DOA outta nowhere!


I wasn’t expecting a reveal so soon after last year, but I am glad to see this!


Tean Ninja announcing the death of DoA5 wasn’t for nothing then. I hope the keep free to play model from Last Round.


After seeing the one button special and combos I think thats a pass from me. Its not like combos or specials were that hard to begin with. in fact, they are usually so easy that its a terrible idea to spam the same shit and usually its best to pace your offense for the proper bait, so i dont know why this needs to be here. Like DOA is probably the most simple and least awkward to play 3D fighter around, why do they feel the need to be even MORE SIMPLER than they already are/were? Consider my enthusiasm very tempered.


I hope the other returning characters are from the first three games.
The character design really went to shit after that.
Having VF characters in DOA5 was its saving grace.


Is this the equivalent of faking your death, so you can show up at your own funeral to see how many people cared about you?

Anywho, never played DoA, but I’m happy for the fans of it. Someday I’ll try diving into 3D fighters.


So glad DOA is back, this announcement really came out of nowhere. I have good memories playing DOA2 with my brother and DOA4 with friends. DOA5 was the first time i actually tried learning it “seriousely”, as in getting familiar with the actual mechanics and systems.

Unfortunately DOA5 its online was a disaster and didn’t keep up with it, i really hope DOA6 will get online equal to Tekken 7, no excuse in this day and age anymore.

I loved the inclusions of the VF characters and from what the IGN article mentioned they are open to including guest characters eventually but now focus on the core DOA characters.

I also really enjoyed the way the environment played such a massive role in DOA5, it added a lot to the gameplay.

I hope the Hold system will be changed somewhat where its less spammable, it honestly i think is one of the main reasons why many people do not play it seriousely, aside from DOA having a stigma attached to it that it doesn’t have depth(lol) and a pure fanservice game with some fighting. So many attacks put you in a type of stun and you can hold out of them to counter the followup attack, there are some guarenteed stuns though. It feels like as the attacker you are the one being put in the guessing game.

I would like to see more guarenteed stuns(stuns from which you cannot hold), though not just allowing you to tack on a launcher however. Less moves in general need to cause stuns. Also there needs to be some delay between being able to do a Hold. You do a hold and you whiff and you can do an immediate hold after it.

I do not like how a large part of the game its meta is AFER you get hit by an attack, it feels like you get punished for attacking and being on the offense. Though i guess you can also see it these strings/links not naturally comboing…

As for the Special button, i don’t think it will hurt the game at all but it also doesn’t really help it either. Rather companies would focus more on educating its players instead, do it with minigames/tutorials(sounds like they might do something like it with DOA6 though?)


great that the series is back and that there gonna tone down the sexuality to make it a bit more serious


The hold system was toned down for 5. Previously, Itagaki mucking up 4, meant that you could just mash out holds, and hold out of several situations where you shouldn’t have been able to (wall stuns). In fact, at high level play, it was better to slow escape out of critical stuns (the only time you can get held)

Holds to DOA are basically what Combo Breakers are to KI, or what bursts are to animé games. In fact their effect on the meta is pretty similar, especially in comparison to KI. To paraphrase from what Keits said when he took over balance for KI, it makes sure that there’s two player interaction at all times, instead of just cutting a player out when a combo starts.

As for the special button, it seems to be an extension of what we saw with Power Blows/Launchers in 5 (I mean, is pressing a direction and two buttons any more significantly harder than pressing a direction and one button). From the trailer, it seems that they do have some modicum of startup, meaning that it’s easy to read/counter them in neutral, just like PBs/PLs.

More importantly, tying it to meter is a better implementation IMO than tying it to health. DOA5 barely avoided getting into silly comeback mechanics territory considering having Power Launcher on hand allowed for 50% or greater damage payouts. If the triggering point wasn’t half life health, then it could have easily devolved into something very silly.


no mortal kombat 11???


how about you make it the general discussion thread? (change title)


Good net code and I’ll check it out


that doesnt hold you back to play one sided rollback fighter V :bee:


Most of my connections in V are pretty good and I’ve had people from the forums say they get perfect connects with me. Anything that’s really bad I just blacklist


I been talking to a friend of mine who hear the news. He was excited for it until he heard about the break gauge. His response was “I’m tired of this 2D shit in my 3D games”. It got a good laugh out of me.