Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


I don’t recall anyone bitching about the generic little girls that were introduced in the last game.
If anything, the fact that the Diego is more of a brawler than a martial artist makes him less generic in the context of DOA.


bitching…i said the same about the design when the previous title hit steam so… :coffee:


Not you specifically, I guess. You seem to know what’s up.
I haven’t liked the character designs much since DOA4, aside from guest characters.


While they have questionably big fanbases I’ve read a lot of complaints about both Marie Rose and Honoka. They’re absolutely garbage additions just there to boost sales by offering two specific fetisches.

Unless you’re talking about Mila. Which I doubt because she’s cool and veryone likes her.


EVO starting


Oh yeah, Mila is one of the few good character designs from the later games.


Well Marie Rose and Honoka are specifically designed to appeal to a “certain demographic.” They’re literally designed to be nothing more than fanservice for said demographic (heck, I know someone who tried DOA5 just because of Marie Rose).


players of both scenes would be wise to play each other’s game, and keep the scenes alive. For the sake of 3D fighters.


No style but nervous, he’s a bouncer? Any bio?


3D fighters died the moment we disavowed VF5 and said Tekken 7 was a good 3D fighter.


Tekken 7 is a great 3d fighter considering that 3d players dont really have a choice to play much else in 2018.

Dont get me wrong I’m happy with tekken 7, I still think its waaay better then tekken tag 2, but it could be a much better feeling game.

Maybe that could change in season 2.


“Tekken 7 is a great 3d fighter considering that 3d players dont really have a choice to play much else in 2018.”

Sure they have a choice. Play the better games. 5 and Dark Resurrection aint going anywhere. DO4, VF5, and SCII are still golden classics that for some freaking reason arent being topped by their sequels or the industry at large. If the community would grow a damn backbone and bring back the older games in their locals or at least say “Hey, lets play this good game online because it is good.” (admittedly DOA4 is fucked in this department. :frowning: ) then the scene would be better off. At least it feels like the Soul Calibur players are less likely to put up with bullshit in the long run seeing everyone inevitably goes back to II anyway. Yeah, some of the hopefuls want to believe in VI. But lets be honest here, theyre all going back to where the good gameplay is.

P.S. Tekken 7 would be the best 3D game ever if I didnt have to mangle my goddamn joystick just to move my character! Like I get the series is known for being a stiff piece of shit sometimes. But when I play 7, it feels like being trapped in a box. Dashes and sidesteps just never come out as seamless as they should and it just feels so fucking shitty compared to something like SCII or even a DOA. Like Harada wanted T7 to be a 2.5D game but kept the 3rd axis because tradition dictates such. Just absolutely disgusting.


Tekken 7 is a shit 3D fighter. The lateral movement is nerfed to hell in addition to excessive lateral homing. The hitbox/hurtbox interactions are the worst they have ever been. There are frame advantage crushes at all levels and new armored attacks that make the game even more random. Balancing is all over the place if you play above an intermediate level. The reduced oki options and dumbed down throw breaks take away from the identity of the series. Everything wall carries due to the tailspin mechanic (which is identical to bound everywhere excluding the wall) instead of being a challenge. Victory for a portion of all matches is determined by using a one button super when health is low and the opponent uses something other than a quick jab or a quick low. The crossover, cosplay-looking roster looks dumb and customization’s only purpose is to make it look even dumber. The awful soundtrack and bland stages also do the game no favors.

Tekken Tag 2 had a lot of flaws due to its focus on tag juggles, but at least the gameplay in 1 on 1 was not complete shit. However, the built-in input lag, added mid crushes, more frequent rage, and retained bound after wall splat definitely soured the experience.

P.S. Tekken 6 received a lot of balancing changes, new animations, non-jab-to-the-wall juggles, and powerful tools for the whole cast after Dark Resurrection, which makes Dark Resurrection outdated in my opinion. Relative to Tekken Tag Tournament the reduced overall balance, newly implemented high crush, guaranteed ground hitting attacks, and longer range on launchers in Tekken 5 made Tekken Tag Tournament the more entertaining game to play.

P.S.S. Soul Calibur II’s small effective movesets for most of the cast feel like a step down from Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur III made major improvements to that for the most part. Unfortunately the fluidity in movement was reduced excessively for the sake of balancing.


And that might be true about SCII. But SCIIIs problem is only the Arcade version is playable and usable as a fighter. And, like you said, the movement was toned down way to much. Even if it was for balance, its what the game has become known for.


It is undeniable that the Arcade Edition is a major improvement on the rushed console release. Luckily it is always possible to return to Soul Calibur II for a while before realizing that the differences in movement make a lot of attacks that should hit based on range and angle whiff in contrast to Soul Calibur III.


Ill see your “hits that dont hit” and raise you a “psychic grab”.


Its not really a psychic grab since the throw has to connect before the virtual cancel. Luckily the Arcade Edition has nothing of the sort.


DOA4 is the further thing from a golden classic. It’s arguably one of the worst 3D fighting games ever made after what Itagaki did when top players started beating him. He didn’t like how players built a meta around limiting the counter hold system and made it so that everything was holdable and everything devolved into pure 50-50s without any guaranteed damage aside from figuring out force tech loops.


I dont see how thats bad since it sounds like he wanted the game to be fully interactive instead of “my go. you go.” that alot of fighters are. So making every attack or motion have the risk of being called out on it or a combo that can just be fully turned around sounds exactly like the kind of game I wouldnt mind playing. Of course youre talking to someone who enjoys KI and its “mostly” interactive combo breaker system. Me and my friends problem was 2 and 3 holds were too easy to do.

Interactivity with players is a GOOD THING d3v.


Yeah, DOA4 is not highly regarded by the community. I think DOA3.1 is the fan favorite.