Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


I never played any DOA, but, about that last sentence, I must say that a FG with almost no guaranteed damage is as bad as a FG with lots of ToDs and infinites. There must be a balance in-between.


I guess I can agree with that. My problem is mostly an “interactivity” problem. I’m more interested in fighters where both players are almost always able to affect the level of play of the other. Or at least ones where combos are super short (but flexible and not have awkward inputs). Or if they are long, you cant just make the other player a non factor and force them to watch helplessly as nothing they do matters. To me that would also be shit.


DOA4 > highly regarded, lol

50/50 mechanics with holds was hot garbage.


Don’t insult KI’s combo breakers with the trash hold system of DoA4. There’s a risk even to combo breakers and it isn’t piss easy like DoA4 holds.


Im just saying i dont remember it being nearly as easy to hold people in DOA4 as it was in the near “one button omnicounter” like it was in 2. 3 was a nice game though.


People still bad mouthing KI? Feels bad man. :frowning:


The problem is that there was little risk to getting a hold wrong in DOA 4. You can whiff a hold and not worry about getting punished. Even if you got punished, you could still continue to try to hold out. This isn’t KI where missing a combo breaker gets you a Lock Out.

The result was that what everyone tried to do was knock down and do force techs to stand you back up. But even that just led back to a 50/50 situation.


Hitomi and Lei Fang screens were leaked


can we really call it a “leak” when it was beyond obvious they were going to be in it?


We call it a leak because those screenshots were meant to be officially released by the developers for GamesCom.


Lei Fan’s new costume looks alright. I hope her red qipao is still available.


I like Lei Fang’s look.


They were supposed to be revealed on the 21st. But somehow, that French mag didn’t get the memo and just ran the story ahead of time.

That said, I guess we still have video to look forward to at Gamescom.


Gonna play this tomorrow at Gamescom. I hope Hitomi is unlocked because I’ve never touched any of the other announced characters so far.



I feel like they could’ve picked a better outfit for Hitomi than her cosplaying Akira. At least Lei Fang looks good.


She’s had that outfit as an alternative in previous games.


Yeah as an alternate not her primary


It is her most visually distinct costume, so it’s fine. It sets her apart more than anything else she wears.

I mean, it’s not like she’s hasn’t changed her default costume before. Her original default from 3 and 4 was an alternate in 5.


Still waiting kokoro =(