Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Kraken in the trailer? Cool… and nice golden stage, remind me the end of Uncharted4.


I am not crazy about Hitomi having her gi as default. They could have opted for a more original outfit.

So anybody has noticed any visual leaps from DOA5 to DOA6 in character models? In DOA5 it was easy to see they stopped using those doll faces, for example.


It’s mostly just more cleaned up models with better lighting (and maybe a bit more polys). But the art style is still the same.


I am noticing more fluid animations.

Alternate colors are good


Looks like intros and win poses are finally at 60fps instead of 30 in DOA5.

If there was still doubts, costumes from previous games are confirmed. Having different colors is nice too, Hitomi’s blue gi looks great.


next gen confirmed



One thing some players have noticed, is that you can use Fatal Rush (the SSS combo) to cancel out of stance changes. Looks like it might allow for some interesting new combos and/or pressure from stance characters (on top of Fatal Rush already allowing for more juggles).



Apparently, these are some new moves for Hitomi and Lei Fang


you can hit waifus. But seeing them in beautiful clothes? DISGUSTING!


400 years later and people still have a Puritan outlook on these things.


Well…we’re not that smart.


The switch from ‘how old are you [to influence boob jiggle]?’ to ‘do you want to enable blood splatter?’ is kind of hilarious though.

‘Enough wanking now boys, let’s get serious and most importantly violent!’


Bayman, Ayane, Marie Rose and Honoka are in as expected. Alt costumes for various characters shown, Kasumi classic costume is back and a release date : 15/02/2019.

A Nyotengu art appears at the end of the jap trailer, don’t know if it’s DLC.


I don’t see nyotengu, but on facebook they say: PlayStation®4 owners who pre-order digitally will score a unique DOA6 theme as well as obtaining “The Female Tengu” Nyotengu as a playable character.


Nyotengu is a pre-order bonus.

There’s also a collector’s edition with a waifu pillow and T&A mousepads because this game isn’t about fanservice anymore.


PC gets her differently. Anyone who buys the game before March 19 gets her.


Right after Valentine’s Day is a fitting date. Get rewarded for making love to your girl with virtual girls. For some people they will be making love with other virtual girls on Valentine’s.


Interesting, actual gameplay stuff. During the previous builds, force techs on the ground were seemingly gone. However, it seems that the game does have them, it just no longer allows first hit force techs off sweeps.

For those who don’t understand all this. Force techs make it so that getting knocked down isn’t an advantageous situation, which can be a thing with how strong wake up kicks are in DOA. That said, some of the more casual players don’t like them since they think that knockdowns should reset to neutral.