Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Some good gameplay !


im gonna punch in the face all the girls u like very hard and its gonna own


Producer on Famitsu fighters!



Stuff people might have missed.

-There’s less fake tracking moves. Sidestepping is currently much stronger than in DOA5
-Slow Escaping has been removed
-You cannot hold out of sit down stuns

The last 2 changes are interesting as they make the game play much closer to DOA3 (still considered by many to be the most competitive game in the series).


Arcade version confirmed.


Didn’t expect to see Mila return.


I think she was guaranteed to appear in this game. Anyway, I like Tina’s and Bass’s new costumes. I see Tina even got some new moves.


Bass and Tina are in. Alright. Now I can look forward to getting the game.


This needs to happen.


This is a DOA5 video on the philosophy behind it, it’s interesting


Someone sane had talked.



Can’t see them here so … here you go.


Punches in the face for everyone, I like the precision of the impact.


Here’s something I just learned that people hasn’t really been talked about as much. You can cancel out of Break Blows to extend combos and reset the critical state, while using the Fatal Stun from the Break Blow.


Seeing more character reveals really makes me question was the whole “we’re toning down fanservice” and people reeeee’ing about the absence of 3D titties thing about

Seems like everything is intact here


Honestly, I think they said that nonsense to pacify the people that usually bitch about DoAs sex appeal. The less revealing default costumes are clearly for E-Sports. Not sure why people continued to complain after Team Ninja said the classic looks were being included.


People just overreacted.

What they’re doing is simply making it realistic. Bouncing is now affected by what the characters are wearing, so a tight bodysuit won’t give as much bounce as a lose shirt.


It already was that way in DOA5 Last Round.

I’ve said from the beginning there was nothing wrong with LR. You could pick ‘normal’ outfits, you could turn down or straight disable boob jiggle. You actually had to proactively choose sexualized stuff for it to happen onscreen.


! way too much


LR still had the option to change bounce levels. 6 from what I know, no longer has this, and the amount of bounce between outfits is much more pronounced.