Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Hello Christie, Trailer coming soon, seen at PGW2018.


I like the costume. I thought we would be getting something similar to the her DOA5 default. I hope her DOA4 default is back among the ones included in the disc.




here you go gentlemen … for your eyes only, it seems they like to throw themselves on trucks!



English trailer

I really like the animation and fluidity in the combo starting at 0:25.

It sounds like a different voice actress.


New character Nico plus Kokoro and La Mariposa

Nico looks exactly like a character from Re:Zero.


Looks like Hatsune Miku after a haircut.


La Mariposa’s voice sounds just like Xianghua’s. I like Kokoro’s new gi. Her casual clothes look good, too.

They have already shown 3 costumes for Helena, that’s cool.


The game is is also getting character customization, and a showcase at Evo Japan (which is on the same day as launch).


Character customization? I always thought costume sales where a huge part of the profit.

Anyway, LIsa Hamilton looks dope and that Nico character looks like is going to have a unique moveset with all those electric shocks.


It’s not like Tekken/VF/Soulcalibur customization.

At the present time you have four options for a preset: (1) Any of the character’s own existing costumes/outfits, (2) Any of the character’s own available hair styles, (3) Any character’s sun/glasses, (4) Any fighter title.

So it’s more of a saved preset of the DOA5LR character select options.



zack vs honoka 18:58
zack vs honoka 23:39
zack vs honoka 27:20
christie vs kasumi 31:56
christie vs kasumi 37:37
zack vs kasumi 44:00
zack vs kasumi 47:17
zack vs kasumi 50:16
honoka vs christie 55:10



These two always come together eh.


Question: how does DoA differ, gameplay wise, from other 3D fighters? I’m slightly interested after watching the not-Lei-Wulong vs not-Leo-Kliesen-trailer.