Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Hello Christie, Trailer coming soon, seen at PGW2018.


I like the costume. I thought we would be getting something similar to the her DOA5 default. I hope her DOA4 default is back among the ones included in the disc.




here you go gentlemen … for your eyes only, it seems they like to throw themselves on trucks!



English trailer

I really like the animation and fluidity in the combo starting at 0:25.

It sounds like a different voice actress.


New character Nico plus Kokoro and La Mariposa

Nico looks exactly like a character from Re:Zero.


Looks like Hatsune Miku after a haircut.


La Mariposa’s voice sounds just like Xianghua’s. I like Kokoro’s new gi. Her casual clothes look good, too.

They have already shown 3 costumes for Helena, that’s cool.


The game is is also getting character customization, and a showcase at Evo Japan (which is on the same day as launch).


Character customization? I always thought costume sales where a huge part of the profit.

Anyway, LIsa Hamilton looks dope and that Nico character looks like is going to have a unique moveset with all those electric shocks.


It’s not like Tekken/VF/Soulcalibur customization.

At the present time you have four options for a preset: (1) Any of the character’s own existing costumes/outfits, (2) Any of the character’s own available hair styles, (3) Any character’s sun/glasses, (4) Any fighter title.

So it’s more of a saved preset of the DOA5LR character select options.



zack vs honoka 18:58
zack vs honoka 23:39
zack vs honoka 27:20
christie vs kasumi 31:56
christie vs kasumi 37:37
zack vs kasumi 44:00
zack vs kasumi 47:17
zack vs kasumi 50:16
honoka vs christie 55:10



These two always come together eh.


Question: how does DoA differ, gameplay wise, from other 3D fighters? I’m slightly interested after watching the not-Lei-Wulong vs not-Leo-Kliesen-trailer.


Not a pro but I always felt that DoA put less emphasis on 3D movement than Tekken, SC and VF. On the other hand, the Hold-feature adds an entirely different layer of mind games that other fighting games don’t have. The closest thing to how it influences the pace of the game is probably 3rd Strike’s Parry but it’s still its own beast.

It also has some huge execution differences between characters which I feel is somewhat unique as well. Think having SFV Cammy and SFIV Viper in the same game.


Not a DoA expert, but the following will help:

DoA throws have a unique function: they are faster than the average 3D move (5 frames the quickest ones IIRC) and the fastest moves of the game; in exchange, all regular strikes are throw invincible in their startup frames, so an strike beats a throw consistently but throws are the standard punishment tool.

Holds are parry like in the sense that are only active in a small frame window but they counter strikes if performed correctly; they are beat clean by throws though and all together form the Triangle system in the sense that strikes-beat-throws-beat-holds-beat-strikes.

Although this could sound like a messy rock-paper-scissor scramble, is way overblown by haters. True, you can attempt to hold even when in hitstun but to successfully hold an attack you have to choose correctly among 4 different inputs, so you need to get really lucky or the opponent needs to be way too predictable; too often, a player mashing holds will get hit again and again since a whiffed hold takes away the scaling and a throw that catches an opponent holding will do a big damage bonus. A higher levels it is better to get out of stagger and escape back to neutral.

Although there’s an emphasis on chains and strings, there is a long range game to negotiate with a opponent before being able to start the mixups. Games have a fast pace and as of DoA 5 are impactful enough to keep you entertained. Be wary that by tradition stages are way more interactive than Namco ones so there’s advantage to be taken of water areas, trees or walls.


Sounds VF-esque (not a bad thing). Replace holds with blocking and you have the same triangle in VF.
Holds aside, how does the game differentiate itself from VF otherwise? A big part of VF was getting frame advantage in some way (usually from blocking something big, or landing a poke), and leveraging that into a throw-mid-mixup, while rumors have it a lot of stuff in DoA is negative on hit. If that’s true, I presume that’s to encourage using holds more?