Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion



I might give DOA 6 an shot. There are couple of things I like & dislike. I wonder how long will free to play version last.


How can this game compete with the DOA5LR which has a thousand dollars (or more) worth of costumes, SEGA, SNK, and Tecmo guest characters and many other crossovers from other brands? They really fuck themselves when they decided to go all out. Also it’s funny how the director was like “Sorry guys, we’re taking a long break” and then soon after that they announce DOA6. Even if DOA6 has a big road map they’re going to lose out on many sales thanks to DOA5LR simply existing. And I highly doubt ESport will pick this up and have a great turnout UNLESS Temco throws in a shit ton of prize money in the pot.


… What? By focusing on what matters, you know, the gameplay? MVC3 didn’t have the characters people liked from MVC2, but it was a popular game with the fans nonetheless. And we don’t know if they will do more guests and crossovers costumes yet.
Where did they say they are taking a long break? I remember them saying they were ending support for DOA5.


MvC3 was a differnt beast though. First time in 3D and all that takes quite a bit of work compared to the move from DOA5 to DOA6. Plus it featured vastly different characters while DOA6 basically just cut a bunch and added two newcomers.

Unfortunately that’s the way forward for fighting games. Slowly build up the roster with DLC over the years and then start with just a few characters in the sequel to do it all over again.


So, it looks like we’re getting Mai back, and maybe one more character.