Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Went through a bunch of combo trials yesterday. Feels good but with so little changes between this and DOA5LR, both in terms of visuals and gameplay, it can be easy to just see this as the same game with less content. Will probably be a hard sell to the more casual audiences who don’t particularly care about an active playerbase.


In my observation it’s exactly the casual audience who wouldn’t think about anything you just wrote. You’re an enthusiast. We’re all weirdo enthusiasts. Do not let this echo chamber lead you to believe casuals have any thoughts like that.


Actually the “I’m waiting for the complete version” comment is one of the most common among casual players in forums and social media for pretty much any fighting game these days. I can’t even blame them honestly. If I didn’t enjoy the first month of a fighting game as much as I do I’d probably never buy one at release ever again as well.

Still on the fence about DOA6 anyway.


I’m on fence about DOA6 too. It seems like an improvement over LR, but I can see myself dropping this entirely for MK11.


Any word on Ein? I’ll definitely get the game if he’s in.


What’s incomplete about DoA6? The demo has more content than some full game launches.


Bruh, are we even playing the same game.

The changes to sidestepping alone make the neutral and pressure games less linear overall. Strings no longer re-track after a sidestep, combined with the greater invul and the option of a sidestep attack, you can no longer pressure the same way you could in previous games. You’re going to actually have to respect side stepping now. It feels almost like SCII step-G, except DOA6’s sidesteps are probably better in terms of resetting the game to neutral.

Then there’s the fact that they took out stagger escapes, and launch heights are no longer tied to how deep you are in critical stun. In other words, if you’re keeping your opponent on the ground in stun in combos, then you’re doing it wrong. This game is more like DOA2 and 3 where the rule of thumb is, the moment you put someone in stun, you launch immediately. So in competitive play, there’s less chances of escaping combos now.

Also, game looks way better than DOA5 ever did.


I’m not saying it’s incomplete, I’m saying other people are calling it incomplete. And considering it has a smaller roster than the previous game and less game modes (no tag battle) I can see where they’re coming from. Not that it matters for me personally as I never play tag mode but it’s a fact you can’t dismiss.

Technically yes, but I didn’t get the chance to play against other people so I couldn’t really try out the mechanical differences. That said I’m no high level DOA player anyway so I probably wouldn’t have noticed either way. Thanks for heads-up though, the launcher stuff sounds interesting.


Are we forgetting how much a shitshow tag battle turned out to be?

I’ve said it multiple times, if you’re going to make a tag team game, then you have to do it as its own game and not just shoehorning it into an existing system.


I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me.

For me the game has everything a fighting game needs but I’d rather have Rachel in there than Marie Rose and Honoka. Or some KOF guest characters (wtf?).


I happen to enjoy the tag mode. In fact I just love tag modes in fighting games. Real tag modes where multple guys can play, not what Capcom thinks tag modes are (Capcom’s take is functionally Card Battle in nature).


I liked tag mode before playing it online… but it’s fine as a casual mode.
I’m personally sold on the game, I like the new stun and neutral systems, new graphics (sooo colorful compared to 5) and music. The lightning in some stages is amazing and the training mode is immense, they need to take away the walls though. I like it more than 5 so far but I need more time with the game.

I’ll probably wait for more content (we all know they’ll add a lot of intro and win poses at some point) and the KOF characters before buying it but I’m really tempted to get it day one so I can learn the game asap.

@Volta try Diego if you like Ein!


I believe Mai had some decent tournament representation in LR with a number of players using her. That, and SNK seems pretty dead set on whoring out their characters. Look at all their guestings, and there’s a leak stating Nakoruru is coming to the next Guilty Gear version as well.


Smart way to build awareness of their ips and pocket a little cash too.



That sucks but there’s already enough content to wait for lobbies.


full story mode


I saw that they confirmed the obvious about Honoka being Raidou’s daughter in 20 minute story preview released yesterday.


Is she a product of rape like her sister?


It’s not specified. I was surprised to find out that Honoka is actually older than Ayane by four months. Only thing confirmed is that Raidou knocked up her mom 5 months before raping Ayame and that she was raised by her grandmother. Doesn’t say who her mom is.

I’d suspected she was Raidou’s daughter since DOA5. Her ability near instantly mimic other’s abilities and her red aura she created just seem to point to him. I just assumed she was Ayane’s younger sister. All these DOA characters are young as hell though. Most of them can’t even rent a car.