Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Nico pretty much was a punching bag, but we’ll be seeing more of her in the future it seems. Didn’t care for Diego. Rig is cool. Jane Lee has added a new sentence to his limited repertoire: from “who do you think I am” to “Where do you think you are”? I dunno, I don’t think Hitomi should beat Elliot. Speaking of, his reaction was funny when Honoka approached him from behind his shoulder and he was staring at her boobs. Similar to what happened in DOA5 where he was checking out Christie’s boobs.


That entire Honoka background is such a desperate and lazy way to somehow get her into the canon. I might be biased because I can’t stand her though.


Yeah not a fan of Honoka or Marie Rose for that matter. Honoka is an airhead. She is dumb as a box of rocks. Her origin is waisted on her. Marie Rose is a loli that looks 12. I don’t care that Team Ninja says she’s 18. She has a fake ID as far as I’m concerned.



So the first Season Pass, which includes two characters and about 50 costumes costs 100$ or something.

Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s more expensive than three SFV seasons that come with six characters each.

In a perfect world everyone would ignore this obvious fanbase-milking but unfortunately I’ve already seen multiple posts across media that some people are going to buy it. I get that certain players want to support a franchise but there’s a difference between support and just brainlessly throwing money at the screen until every last polygon bikini has been acquired.


at the end of the day, everyone can do with his money what he want. sfv´s dlc is overpriced too but people spend money on it.


Sure, but this isn’t a F2P game where big spenders balance out those people who don’t invest a penny.
This is a classic full-priced product that sells additional content on day one for almost twice as much as the base game costs.
Of course everyone can do how they want but if a large enough group of people supports a model like this, those people who don’t will be left behind - both figuratively and literally, as they won’t have access to certain characters. Right now you can still buy characters individually but how long until that option is gone as well because KT can make more money by selling only Season Passes?

I’m just not willing to support every trend blindly and it’s slowly but surely pushing me away from the entire fighting game genre. Yeah, I know, tl;dr, nobody cares, whatever. Just venting my frustration.


Haven’t been following the game that closely. Is it going to have a f2p build of the game at all?


Yes, there’s going to be a Core version like with DOA5 but it’ll be released at a later date.


It is cheaper than SFV’s price structure $4 per costume and $6 per character comes out $220 that way. Still I can’t drop the $93 they are asking for. I can’t wrap my head around a season pass that costs more than the base game.


I don’t want to start a debate here but I haven’t paid money for a single SFV DLC character and I have almost all of them unlocked and still quite a bit of FM in the bank. The prices might be higher but there’s at least an alternative to buying with real money.

We’ll turn in circles again though, probably, so someone please post a rooflemonger video or something.


No need. When it comes to FM, I agree with you. It is nice to know that someone else likes the ability to unlock things for free.


Is the option to display the available chain followups on the side gone? I loved that in order to learn the huge moveset on the go while playing the character.

Has back walkspeed ever been that slow when close? It took me off guard since I sometimes like to go to neutral in order to plan the next offense. For now I’ll be focusing into using the S sidesteps move.


Are you talking about command training? Because if so, it’s still there.


Backwards walkspeed is generally slow. If you want to reset to neutral after pressure, you’re better off back dashing or using any backwards escape moves your character may have.


The current 100x part boost from the launch event will apparently now be a permanent thing.

Also, the 1.02 patch coming in mid-March will make it so that you’ll only earn parts for your character’s costumes.


That explains it. I was getting all kinds of unlocks yesterday. Now I’m unlocking faster than I’m getting currrency.


So I’ve been trying to install this on my PS4 for an hour or so. Tried with the update, tried without the update, tried offline – and every time after it says ‘installation complete’ I boot it up and the only game mode I can pick is Training Mode because the game is apparently still installing despite the system telling me otherwise.

Gotta love modern consoles, they really make you enjoy your free time after work.

Edit: alright, a google search revealed that this game’s install notification is buggy and that you have to wait until there’s about 28GB of data on your HDD because why should the developer make this clear?

Screw this crap, I want my 90 minutes back.

Final edit: Hitomi’s last combo trial is somehow super hard? Mila seems easy enough though, might play her a bit in the beginning.


Let me get this straight: if you happen to like one of the DLC characters you have no choice but to shell out the 100 dollars for the season pass, or else you’re shit out of luck?


All the DLC is available individually. Only get the season pass if you want to get everything they release for the next four months.