Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


You can buy the DLC individually.


It’s not even everything. There’s a mention that it might be possible for them to release DLC during the Season Pass period that isn’t part of the DLC:


I know I’m way late to the party but has anyone played Dead or Alive Dimensions? I got on the cheap for shits and giggles damn it is impressive for 3DS game. The story mode, for people into that thing, basically shits every other fighting game.


Played the demo back when it came out and it was a really sublime port. Never bothered with the full version though because fighting games on handhelds aren’t that great. It’s a pain to control them properly and sooner or later you’re just going to ruin your buttons. Great job though, I think it even ran at 60fps? SFIV on 3DS was locked at 30 and felt really bad for that reason.


I skipped Dimensions when it came out as it as basically an enhanced version of DoA4. As for it’s story mode, I didn’t like the changes it made to story of DoA3. The retcons made Ayane a much weaker character.


Haven’t gotten that far into the story. Control wise it doesn’t seem any different than any fighting game on a pad, but then again I’m an arcade stick player.


You think the game is an acceptable replacement to scratch our VF itch? I’m not sure whether I should get it.


Well DoA has always played more like VF than Tekken. That said, I’d wait for the “Core Fighters” version to come out if you are on the fence. It’s the free version that gives you access to a rotating character selection. That way you’d be able to test out the game before you decide buy it.


Decided to risk it and played a few online matches yesterday. To my surprise it worked rather well - if you stick to 5 bar wired connections it runs flawlessly, can’t complain at all. As an experiment I also tried a 5 bar wi-fi connection and that game was laggy as hell. I suppose that also explains my issues with SCVI’s online modes, because wi-fi warriors seem to be the majority and SCVI doesn’t tell you the connection type.

I really hope features like this become the rule rather than the exception because the difference is night and day and those wi-fi guys are just ruining the fun for everyone.

Also, PS4’s automatic Trophy-unlock screenshot feature had some good timing for once:



I’ve had 3 bar wired connnections that were fine. WiFi…yeah people need to stop playing Fighting Games without a wired connection.


I haven’t tried anything less than five bars and I don’t plan to. I’m sure you can get lucky with a good connection but if not you’re stuck in a three-round fight that skips frames left and right for minutes and that time is honestly better spent in training mode waiting for a good connection.


I wish more games did what Injustice 2 did and let you know if your opponent was on wifi or not.


DOA6 lets you know and it is a godsend. I see wifi and I just refuse the match.


Score at casuals yesterday.

Yeah, I think my Christie is ready.


This is the first time I ever noticed the similarity of Christie’s outfit to Sarah (VF). Just thinking about a next-gen Virtua Fighter makes me excited.


I’ve heard fighting games described as elements of rock-paper-scissors, but this isn’t what I had in mind.


Alright I was supposed to stop buying games day one/before they get inevitably updated but I like how Team Ninja is trying to solve the problems players have as quick as possible, especially the costume RNG thing. It’s annoying but so far I don’t care, I’m fine with what the game has while I wait for lounges and new content. I wasn’t too bad at 5 but I have a lot to learn before I reach a good level so let’s go!

And I personally don’t care about the expensive season pass, I just hope individual costumes keep their DOA5 prices.


Team Four Star would approve. They love their Rock, Paper, Scissors


Feels like the ranks will balance themselves out the same way they did in DOA5. I remember not being able to get out of D+ and that’s exactly where I am now. I have absolutely no idea what to do against C players so far.

It was a fun run getting there though. Had a 12 game win streak at some point which is probably the first and last time I’ll ever get that far in a fighting game.


I love how much damage you can get if using the environment. Car loops anyone?

From experience, most players in D and even some in C don’t 1) optimize their combos, and 2) use their meter properly.

So learn the most optimal damage for your character, this includes finding out what the best way to get stuns, so you can launch them into an optimal combo. Then apply basic meter management which should carry over from 2D fighters.

The rest is mostly figuring out your opponents habits and what they like using, and what they tend to fall for.