Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


I’m in C now for whatever reason and finally out of Mash-City but my main weaknesses go far beyond meter management. I don’t know any strings so the likes of Helena etc. can basically just do whatever they want against me because I don’t know when they hit high or low. I’m free to Bayman leg grab or grapplers in general. My Hold success quote is probably 5% or something and I always feel like I’m the one getting mixed up after landing a knockdown and not the other way around.

Basically I’m coming into this like other people did when DOA2 came out. But those people have about 20 years of experience with their characters now. And I have none really. I played DOA5 for 20 hours or so and that was it.

I’m not complaining, I know that’s just the way it is with 3D fighters. But I think that’s a big accessibility problem of those games, no matter how easy the combos are and how good the tutorial is.


You have some homework to do with other characters, it’s the case in most FG and especially 3D ones. I personally can learn a match up in SF just by playing against another character a lot, but in DOA or Tekken I have to go in training mode with most characters, learn their best combos/buttons and try to hold/block them.

Once you’ve done that it will be much better. I’m not good but I could beat high ranked players just by knowing their characters and learning their habits in 5. Imo DOA is way more accessible than Tekken, you’ll catch up.


Tekken is harder to pick up but I think defense in Tekken is a lot more accessible. There’s so much to worry about in DOA on defense that it can be quite overwhelming.

Probably the reason why low rank players just go ham all the time.


Back off and start whiff punishing. Getting distance can be quite strong at that level if you can bait your opponent to start pressing.


Yeah, whiff punishing seems to work in my favour at the moment. Even people who know their combos and mix their offense up really well seem to regularly throw out attacks outside of range for some reason.

On another note I finally got my Nyotengu key. During the little time I played DOA5, I always thought she had a rather fun moveset.


Open and closed stances affect environmental combos.

Nyo is an interesting character in that her gameplan is a bit more reactive, and mostly depends on blocking and punishing. She’s also a bit more execution heavy, at least when it comes to her flight combos.


Yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll pick her for online play just yet. I can do her combos just fine in training mode but as I still struggle in most basic areas it’s probably better to just stick with Mila at the moment whose standard BnBs are easier to remember and pull off in the heat of the moment.

Also screw those Eliot combo trials. There goes my 100%.


I’m so bad that I get mix blendered by my friend’s Rig.

double kick mid, up kick down kick, grab and mix it around and then my brain go poof



Don’t feel bad man. I’m terrible at fighting games but still love them. My Kokoro and Hitomi have steadily been getting bopped. Side note: Too many people on WiFi. I swear it is like an 80/20 ratio.


Currently up to 86th on the ranking table for Christie (after staying in the 110s for the past week). Not sure though if that’s down to skill, or just the lack of players maining her.


Where do you see the rankings? I’ve been wondering for a while where they hid the leaderboards, can’t find them for the life of me.


They’re shown at the start of every ranked match.


How is the player base in Europe? Do you get a lot of matches?


I guess there’s only 20 people playing Mila then because I sure as hell lose every mirror match I come across.


In the late afternoon/evening I find 5 bar connections back to back at the moment but I already recognize a couple of names. If you want to play this online I suggest trying it out sooner rather than later.


Today, actually fought another Christie, who was ranked 600 something. Which shows that there are more of us. Interestingly enough, they were B- while I’m still at C+, probably played someone else before switching to her.

EDIT: Hit B- and am at 72 now.


1.02 update which makes it so that you only unlock parts for your character’s constumes is now live.

Edit: F2P Core Fighters version is now available on PC and PS4. Not sure about XB1 yet.



So two more weeks until lobbies? I wish they’d release them sooner, I pretty much played myself into a dead end in ranked.


a new challenger, a new challenger, a new, challenger, a new challenger, a new challenger, a new challenger…why did they not implement a normal filter so that you dont have to cancel red connections all the time?

movement feels very cluncky compared to sc6 .


I think the filter works fine as far as the connection quality is concerned but it’s annoying that you have to manually refuse WiFi connections. I try them once in a while but even 5 bars WiFi often have a lot of lag.