Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


They really should just make separate NG fighting game that’s full of blood and gore.

It’s jarring seeing Hayabusa cut dudes in half in one game, and barely leave a mark on them in another.


The franchises are connected, so I am hopeful. Kasumi and Ayane appear on the Ninja Gaiden games. Come on TN!


Man, it’s pretty obvious some of the DOA players don’t understand how good meter systems work. A ton of them saying they want shit changed so that it’s nothing but a glorified combo extender. Or that, meter powered options shouldn’t beat out people mashing P (heck they’re not even full invul since Break Blows loose out to lows). Heck, from the reactions of some of these guys about how they can’t press buttons to beat these options, it’s like they’ve never heard of blocking, or moving out of the way.


It seems that they had Kasumi’s bio mixed with Honoka’s at some point on the official site.

Not that it confirms anything but it’s obvious that Marie Rose and Honoka will be announced at some point imo.


Need to appeal to the weabs somehow.


Let’s see if TN is finally done with Alpha 152. Anyway, there should be new footage of DOA6 and SCVI today.


Personally I don’t want to see meter in 3D games at all.


But there’s a difference between not liking meter in 3D, and not understanding how they work and asking for a terrible/ineffectual inplementation.


some recognition at E3


I haven’t played DOA in so long that the meter wont bother me one way or another. Just make sure Helena and Christie are top tier.

Kasumi’s new outfit is super sick though. Gonna have to pick her up too.


Movement looks very fast and costume damage is in. Kasumi got her mid rift exposed after losing the 1st round in this video.
This will be fairly interesting.


The red color makes that outfit look even better imo

a few more.


Reminds me of the original Art of Fighting. First fighting game I ever remember having battle damage.


I just hope Christie retains her solid offensive options and good pokes.


including being allowed to hold when your guard was broken. :-/



Character select theme is nice and edgy as always. New blow options look fancy visually especially with Hayabusa going ham with his ninpo powers. Not a fan of some of Helena’s new moves visually. The animations one them look kinda jank like a Barbie doll is performing them. Oh well as long as she’s top tier.


I like how the portraits look like old boxing posters in the select screen.

One interesting thing I see in that video is how people are trying to figure out how to use S in the middle of combos.


These zoom in haymakers are the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. Just seeing Jann lee deck the shit out of Kasumi like that has me dying!


I just realized that forced-tech combos are back, so Helena is likely going to be the toppest of the top tier.