Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


There’s also an impressions video of SCVI.


I can already see some people see Kasumi’s primary costume and cry out SJW propaganda.


If they put VF characters in. This game becomes a must buy for me.


I doubt they will put in VF characters again. Companies tend to go for new things with new releases.


It’s already happening, Reddit and GameFAQs are either crying out with this, or blaming tournament players for wanting the game to be taken more seriously, and not just playing it for the tits.


I don’t understand how anyone can play this series for the t&a. It’s beyond silly, and I think that’s by design.
Even if you could get off on CG, the boobs slosh around like water balloons, and the butts have weird shallow cracks that don’t even hide the narrow part of thong costumes.


The Xtreme spin off games exists for pure T&A. The fanservice investment is better spent there.


This title will be nothing short of what to be expected from this franchise so far.
Enjoy. If this title does not meet the standards of some players they can voice their opinions in the proper areas.


It is really shame that this game is not hype because of how the fan service gone. Maybe they should cave in and reveal some nice outfits. It is tough for DoA to take on a more serious look since they heavily sell on fan service.


game will get hype when they announce Rachel!!


All I care about, is that her stomp be like it was before it was nerfed in 5U, and she have dat vortex game again.


Oh yeah, they did nerf her stomp. I hope they find less drastic ways to balance characters this time.


Take a look at DOA’s subreddit. It was full of people saying they’re “DOA fans” and toning down the fanservice made them “skip this entry” or they’re “done with the franchise”

Shit’s pathetic as fuck


Luckily SNK Heroines is coming out soon.


I think that is rather unfortunate. DoA may be DoA before it even started, I think at this point they are going to give what the fans want. I am not a DoA fan but just a salty VF fan that wants to play some version of their characters.


Maybe, maybe not. TN from what I’ve seen does seem to listen more to the competitive scene. Especially now that MASTER is playing the Combofiend/Seth Killian role.


True. But I always believe the casual scene outweighs the competitive scene in general for making a game. You can cater too much to competitive scene and they won’t make a lot of money. What needs to happen is a proper balance like say Injustice or something.

I believe they need to do fan service to get the game the hype that his game deserves. I am not even a fan of fan service per say. Right now it looks like this game won’t go well. Some are even boycotting. It is that bad.


How profitable is the competitive community to TN? If they trying for a big esports push for DoA6 I can see it paying off. If not then they’ll break out the swimsuit DLC.


Only idiots of the highest calibur are concerned with the “toning down of fanservice” in this game. They lowered titty jiggle, thats it. Kasumi is still out there in form-hugging spandex, and Helena’s dress might as well not even cover her ass with how much it moves around. The DoA chicks (and dudes) are gonna look good no matter what. Anyone ditching the series because the tits dont spaz out will not be missed.


I believe there is also a casual scene that is very millennial and will appreciate the lack of hard fan service. A lot of games these days are doing little things to keep themselves from being too pervy as really pervy games are things that sold in the 90’s more so.

Look at how Tomb Raider has changed from the 90’s till now. Huge anime cow tits to a strong, skinnier heroine where you have to look for her tits. It’s still selling though.