Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


But I miss the braided ponytail. :frowning:


100% agree. That is my opinion as well. Too bad a good part of the casual crowd doesn’t share it.


doa owns and ill kill everyone who doesnt like doa


I heard rooflemonger says that he hopes doa should burn in a fire and make room for more injustice based content instead.


what do you like about it more then on the other 3d fighting games?


Unlike Tekken, DOA is actually fun.


I’m not against some fanservice-y characters in fighting games but in DOA arguably everyone was kind of a fanservice character so if they limit it to a few I think that should be okay for everyone.


The only Tekkens that any Dead or Alive games are better than are Tekken 1 and Tekken 7. That is mostly because Tekken 1 is awful and Tekken 7 is worse than DoA at its best (2 Ultimate and 5 Ultimate in my opinion), which is not saying much considering it is the offspring of Tekken Revolution and Soul Calibur V. However, neither can hold a candle to Virtua Fighter as the bastardised versions of VF characters in Dead or Alive 5 will attest to.


I hate Tekken. So that assessment doesn’t really apply to me. I’ve tried to like it because it has a huge player base but it’s just not for me man.


Same sentiment here. DOA and Soul Calibur are my two favourite fighting games.
I tried my first Tekken this year thinking since it was also a 3D fighter I’d really like it… but it felt like I was playing a 2D fighter with the option to side-step. What I love are the fluid movement systems in DOA and SC that feel like I’m fighting in a 3D space. All the jumping about in 2D fighters makes them so different. There aren’t any other similar 3D fighters out there are there? Virtua Fighter if they ever make a new entry?

As for the fanservice stuff, I don’t believe they aren’t making DOA sexy, just wait and see. They said the same for DOA5 and look how that turned out.


Which Tekken did you try? Tekkens 3, Tag, 5, 6, and Tag 2 have sidesteps that are extremely effective and assuming you have a grasp of backdash canceling easily chained into very versatile movement. Movement is also more effortlessly fluid in 4 than any DoA, but much more limited.

I will admit that risk and reward are messed up in Tekken and it requires considerable mechanics and matchup knowledge to enjoy it, but unlike DoA the reward is far more consistent for attack strings. With that said the properties with crush frames are an obnoxious subversion of frame advantage and clean hit and counter hit make damage too high at times. The subsystems and additions to Tekken 7 only add more trash to the pile, but overall the gameplay system for previous Tekkens favors guessing and pushing buttons much less than DoA does.

  1. Has a new entry in the series, unlike VF
  2. No other fighting game rewards understanding the flow of a opponents playstyle like VF due to the counter system.
  3. characters own
  4. leon owns


The only Tekken’s that I haven’t played are Revolution and Tekken Advance. I just don’t like gameplay. It’s not that I don’t like 3D fighters. I just don’t like Tekken. It’s been almost a quarter century now, it would take a minor miracle for me to change my mind on Tekken now. I usually ended up playing the bonus games more than Tekken itself in the end. Tekken Force and bowling come to mind.

I’ve always liked Virtua Fighter. I’ve played and owned them all at some point. I’ve played most of the games in the Soul franchise. 3 and 5 are the exceptions, When I say the Soul franchise, I mean Soul Edge/Blade. I played Soul Edge in the arcades and Blade on PS1. I’ve played every DOA game. I played the original DOA in the arcades. Ryu Hyabusa being in the game, not the jello boob physics are what drew me in.


Personally, I do not find the characters in the series very appealing.

For example, I like the modern redesign of Ryu Hayabusa, but the face and handstands make him look stupid. I like the character of Rachel, but her fighting style looks absurd with her twirling around and bouncing opponent off the ground. I like the character of Gen Fu as well, but his attacks and throws are too singular, passive, and weak to make him look menacing.

I also really like the look of Lisa in the fur coat with shades, but everything else about the character is unpalatable to me. I like the look of Rig in the soccer uniform, mma gear, and suit. I even like his fighting style, but he is just not that fun to play, has terrible lines, and looks like a degenerate in anything else. I like the fighting styles of Hayate, Hitomi, and Christie as well, but their characters are bland as hell to me.

The only characters that clicked with me in DoA were Helena and Leon. However, the animations for Helena always lacked impact and everything I liked about Leon was taken out at some point. He went from looking like an older flashier version of Jean Reno to some old dude and everything I liked about his playstyle was taken by Bayman. I know that Leon is a clone of Bayman and Bayman preceded him, but those changes have made him unpalatable. I play Bayman from time to time, but most of the time I am just pretending that I am playing with Leon undercover in costumes that make the face hard to see and skipping through all dialogue.

So, in other words I am not a DoA fan and lack any real attachment to any of its characters. I also view its gameplay as a cheap imitation of Virtua Fighter and mostly play the games for the beautiful interactive stages.


Strange, Tekken 3 is fairly forgiving and easier to get into than the other installments. You must really dislike Tekken’s fundamental game design if you don’t like that one.

I really do enjoy the Soul series as well outside of Virtua Fighter. Shame you have not played the arcade version of 3 as it one of the best games in the series. If you get a chance you should also try playing Soul Calibur IV: Broken Destiny (PSP) with speed modification cheat as it makes the game decent in its own right, despite some residual imbalances the game inherited from the console version of Soul Calibur IV, albeit nothing too broken like Hilde’s doom combo.


Oh don’t remind me of this. This was almost single handedly the reason why I stopped playing 4.


I like DOA because holds in neutral are reminiscent of how parries affect neutral in 3S. Meanwhile, hold in stun, when done right (aka, not how Itagaki did DOA4), not only make for a KI like system that doesn’t kill 2 player interaction, but it also allows for more combo variation while encouraging knowledge of the system and its rules, over plain muscle memory.


The counter system is similair to KI?


The concept is similar in that you’re trying to read what the next strike in a combo will be. That said, being a 3D fighter, they based it on whether something hits high, mid, or low, then expanded it to separate mid kicks and mid punches.


Sounds interesting.