Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Motherfucker shes a luchador with the Ultimo driver as one of her counters, to hell with the fur coat and shades. Lisa is still to this day the best luchador in fighting games and its stupid they gave her more “real world” costumes instead of more ultimo dragon stuff

Leon as Jean Reno is cool. Rambo Leon is cooler.


So, what are the chances of Rachel returning? Probably slightly higher than them bringing classic Tengu back surely, so about a 3% chance, right?


Better than Leons, but still not much. Rachel is like 20% Leon Dna since Rachel just had all of Spartans moves with some new stuff, and Spartan was a wierd mix of Bayman and leon stuff to begin with.


Yeah, and she’s also a semi-guest and that’s never a good sign.

Will probably have to play Christie then, I faintly remember her having cancels into command dashes (rolls) as well.


Game will for sure have Bass and Tina so that’s really all I need. I won’t even pretend Leon will be much of a concern in doa6.


“luchadora” :grinning:


There’s plenty to like in DOA, I played 2 when I was younger and decided to get 5 because I had good childhood memories of 2.
Cool characters (Mila is incredible, Tina is one of the rare woman wrestler character in fighting games… I can count her, Blue Mary and R.Mika that was MIA since A3), interactive stages, good music
Gameplay wise it’s fast and super accessible, my friends don’t play fighting games but they enjoyed tag battles in DOA5 as it’s easy to pick up. I’m not good at 3D fighting games myself but DOA is the most fun for me. I also learned to enjoy the hold system that forces combo variety and forces you to read your opponent on the offensive AND defensive sequences, there’s nothing more satisfying to get a read right and do damage!
The large choice of costumes is nice (5 had some questionable ones and palette swaps but I love costumes in FG), tag battles are fun…

I’m not too fond of 3D fighters but I’d love to get good at them someday, I’m actually playing both DOA and Tekken but I click more with DOA 5 than I did with Tekken 5, 6, TTT2 and 7 (don’t ask me why I still buy them all).


Not a longtime fan, but I really grown to like the series after messing around with 5. Being able to hold out of stun gives an uniquely interesting dynamic to the game, and better yet there are guarantee damage setups if you explore hard enough! It’s also one of the only games where throws are still really good, most can’t be broken (combo throws also can’t be broken if they’re just framed) and the game is much better for being this way. A complete contrast to say Tekken 7, where throws might as well not exist since the tech window is so large and the teching system is easy to learn.

My only gripes with Dead Or Alive’s core gameplay is how you can sometimes get less reward off a counter hit, kinda dumb. Also, low holds are kinda annoying since they crush highs, standing throws, and stop low attacks. The other two options only cover one area.

That said, I don’t like how 6 is looking so far. I’m skeptical of the new mechanics, particularly Fatal Rush with how good it looks right now. I also don’t get why you shouldn’t be able to critical hold out of Fatal Rush, it’s dumb. I also don’t like the game on an artistic level either. I’ll keep it brief since this isn’t quite the place for it, but I don’t like the overall tone. Feels like it’s trying to be a different game but calling itself DoA. The intrusive cinematic effects caused by Side Attack really doesn’t help in keeping the pace of the game, and the FPS effect from Fatal Rush looks obnoxious and already feels annoying.

Hopefully the lot of this changes, otherwise I’ll be the old guy making the most of 5LR for the last few months it has.


I don’t like lucha anything outside of King because he brings the heat without any weak ass acrobatics (horse manuevers) and goes full beserker with the animal noises. Also get your likenesses straight…

Jean Reno:



Try the new Soulcalibur!


Rambo beeyatch



Most lucha is based on acrobatics. The style is super fast paced and shows tons of athleticism. King does the basics who standard lucha.


King is the king. Rawr!


Also, forgot to mention El Blaze as his lines make me laugh. Tiny guy telling giant Canadian to start running never fails to makes me giggle. Not to mention the pleasure of ending matches with a body slam like Joe Pesci!


wolf is king of quotes


I love playing Wolf, but outside of his iconic howl all of his lines fall flat for me. Even Jeffry has better lines. Still, no one has lines as terrible as Lion.


they have started posting info on fb


I just hope it will be more than a rock, papers, scissors type of gameplay

Guests newcomers announced? not yet?


“I don’t make it a habit to fight the elderly”