Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


I greatly desire for that nasally voice to have an off switch.


No guest characters at launch.


If no guests are announced yet, they could add guys seen one or two times in DOA series … like Tengu or the one in DOA 3, Genra.


TN has stated that they’re likely will not be any guest characters at launch.


That’s fine by me. I’m not big into guest characters. I did like the VF characters though. Sadly, it looks like the only way we’ll get to see them these days.


Just give me my bae Mila!


Wonder if Rachel and Momiji are officially guest characters or not. Technically Ryu’s in, so…


At this point Ryu is a staple character of the DoA series. He wouldn’t count as a guest.


Ryu is a “guest” the same way Cody, Guy, Poison, and Hugo are “guests” in Street Fighter.

In other words, he’s not.


Doesn’t doa take place in the ninja gaiden universe anyway?


Yeah, but what does that say about other NG characters? I guess they were specifically referring to fighters like the VF guys but it’s still a bit vage considering DOA5LR’s roster.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Ninja Gaiden characters ever referred to as guest characters.


interesting thoughts on this title. Those will be taken in consideration.


Are you in any form related to the dev team?


DOA EVO Showdown" Qualifying Tournament in JAPAN “DOA5LR EVO 2018 Challenge Match”


In Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce, I know it’s not a fighting game, they’re guests in it. (Ryu and Momiji)

But you’re right, never in a VS game.


This doesn’t apply in this case since we’re talking about DOA.


I have an affinity for 3d fighters for some reason.
I played Virtua fighter enough to pull off almost all of akira’s moves in command training & have been a competitive Doa player since the 4th one on the 360.
That was because that game in particular came out before sf4 did so that’s what I was playing till sf4 came out.

The triangle system had me playing for hours and hours and hours and hours on end.
Everything feels balanced.


The trailer looks promising, it seems like they really work on the game content this time. I still prefer Street Fighter more than DOA.