Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


I agree,

I mean no, everything isn’t literally balanced, but there is always a guaranteed answer to anything. Any move has the potential to get sent back at you as damage.

That’s provided you make the reads though.


These types of games have a different way of approaching balance because of how they work in comparison to 2d fighters like Xrd/SF/MK etc etc.
I don’t have a favorite title, I just play what I play.


Not if you are launched into a juggle or stunned as fuck. Also, despite throws being beaten by strikes, there are plenty of times they can be used for free with little chance of being broken (not that its a bad thing). It would probably be better for me if the hold button worked as a block button for a frame or two after being pressed during movement and required a subsequent direction for hold activation instead of becoming an unintentional hold. That mix of directional and button blocking is really awkward in my opinion. I strongly prefer the the single stun/stumble and tiny counter window in Virtua Fighter for a few characters with 3 levels (like DoA 2) using P+K.

I find it funny when balance is mentioned when comparing titles with significantly different gameplay designs. The only details indicative of shit balancing across the genre are one sided match-ups, death combos, and infinites. At one end of the spectrum you have Virtua Fighter 4 where the only perceivable imbalances are a player’s dexterity/knowledge/reactions and on the other you have the Marvel and Capcom crossovers, where a select few characters with overwhelmingly effective strategies rule the roost while the rest may as well not exist due to how ineffective they are. I am technically guilty of dismissing imbalances with variations of characters (like Ky and Sol in Guilty Gear XX: Slash) and bosses (like Virtua Fighter’s Dural). The fact is that bosses are designed to be overpowered (i.e. disqualified) and as long as a single variation of a character is balanced that character can be used in competition. However, I find the best gauge of a game’s balance to be the worst match-up between top tier and bottom tier. There is also a question of which mechanics take precedence as that defines the way the games are played, but that is more subjective.


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Don’t really care about the toned down jiggle physics, but, no Ein = no buy. Loved DOA2, but I don’t think I can play another DOA game without my main.


Might as well just get used to Hitomi because he’s probably never coming back.


I just caught up with the drama on DOA6 wow

There’s a petition to boycott the game, Yohei Shimboru commenting on how smaller boobs look more human creating controversy (imo he just meant that it looks more realistic/common but when you touch these subjects you have to be SUPER on point with your words or risk outrage)

One guy went on a incredible twitter rant and even threw away one of his collector poster loool

Here’s his (or the community’s?) wishlist for the game.

@oMastero on twitter looks like a cool person trying to hear everyone complaints and answering to most of them, might be TN’s community manager.
Edit : alright I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about all this here, it looks more serious than I thought…


I can understand why they changed it. The enormous breasts of the previous games just look silly with current-gen graphics. If it were changed just to appease to the politically correct I would understand the outrage, but I don’t think that is the case.


I do think that’s the case, or partially. During past years Team Ninja have said they are aware of what’s going on with the social and political landscape surrounding women in video games and such.


I could be mistaken, but Team Ninja has been trying to get away Itagaki’s presentational style for some time. They’ve tried scaling back in the gore in Ninja Gaiden with them only putting in back in Razor’s Edge after fan complaints. Japanese developers cow towing to PC (Politically Correct) Culture is not something I’ve really seen.


They aren’t real DOA fans then. Real ones would be like “so…I can keep the lewd AND have my game taken seriously? Sounds like a win-win.”


This. Is hard to take a community seriously when people start boycottying a game because of fanservice being toned down.


Hayashi also fucked up by making NG2 less gory and more… “elegant” by having less blood, and purple smoke when you kill someone. :thinking:

on NG3:

What happened?

"It seems like we made a Japanese hamburger for the West," says Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi, who spoke to Gamasutra at E3.

When the game was released and reviewed, he was forced to face the fact, however, that “maybe as a Japanese developer, we need to make good Japanese food… and that’s what people are wanting from a Japanese developer.”

Unfortunately, he says, “the state the Japanese industry is in right now” means that developers are “doing everything they can just to basically stay above water.” This has lead to attempts to pander to Western tastes at the expense of what they do best, but Hayashi is optimistic that everyone giving their all to try and solve problems will result in “answers for how to move forward, and how to make things work in the future.”


I’m repeating myself but just leaving the jiggle toggle option in and setting it to ‘off’ on default would have solved every problem with minimal effort and made everyone happy (maybe).


The fanservice is deeply inbedded into the series identity. For those fans toning down the fanservice would be like Mortal Kombat toning down the blood and gore. We had that Mortal Kombat and it didn’t feel right.

DoA smut isn’t reliant on tits alone.


Which Mortal Kombat did not have blood and gore?


MK vs DC

10 character limit :rage:


Is that all? It’s not really a Mortal Kombat game in any sense of the word. It is no more a Mortal Kombat game than X-Men vs Street Fighter is a Street Fighter game.


Following the numbering conventions of the series MK vs DC makes it MK8. The reboot game is often called MK9 and it being the 9th fighting game doesn’t make sense if you exclude MK vs DC.


I think they are counting UMK3 and MK Trilogy to reach that number. It’s silly if they are but that’s Midway/Netherealm for you.