Dead or Alive 6 - Discussion


Not at all. All of the main titles count as a sequel.

MK Deadly Alliance
MK Deception
MK Armageddon
MK vs DC


That would make much more sense. I don’t even know anybody having played Mortal Kombat in the past who purchased this title. However, every one of them owns at least one copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy.


It wouldn’t make sense because trilogy is an update to MK3 not it’s own game. It’s not like Street fighter where each numbered entry is it’s own subseries.


It is a dream match title like King of Fighters '98 featuring characters and stages from MK1, MK2, and MK3 as well as original new ones.


It’s not a dream match. It expands on the story was present in MK3. Johnny Cage’s Resurrection in particular was something that was carried over in MK4 and parodied Deadly Alliance.


Really? I don’t think anyone followed the story in 1-4 outside of the excellent movie adaptation (first film not second). The only thing I remember about Johnny Cage is he lost the splits crotch punch because the developers did not feel that it warranted doing the stun animations for the majority of the cast in Trilogy. Also, the game was extremely loose in the balancing department in comparison to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I still don’t really see how a crossover would fit anywhere in the chronology… Also based on what I just read about the roster, it has Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Raiden, and Shang Tsung who are long deceased.


In terms of Chronology, MK vs DC would fit within the UMK3 timeline. Character relationships and design are hugely based on that game and those characters were still be alive then.


That was only in the PS3 version, the original X360 has blood as usual

LUL, Ninja Gaiden 3 was complete fucking trash, even after the Razor’s Edge update. I dropped it after the first stage, shit just feels terrible compared to 2


So apparently, Jan Lee won the tournament in DOA5.


That bullet point about Itagaki and bringing the series back to what he wanted is stupid. Itagaki fucked the series up once he saw how top players were playing it and then acted like a scrub and screwed up everything players were using.


Is Helena top tier yet?


Dead or Alive 6 director: girls with big tits aren’t even human.




There’s some good visuals. Can’t wait to see Milla and Tina, if they’re both in the base game I’ll be sold.
The reaction to Diego is funny, some people love him and others (people with catgirls profile pics mostly) hate him for ridiculous reasons that y’all can easily guess.
I hope they’ll announce women with cleavages at EVO so these guys will finally stop this nonsense. Every new footage/declaration is recieved with this toxicity.


I think his design is too plain, would fit better in Virtua Fighter. At least it’s not another Mexican or Brazilian in a Japanese fighting game.


That is a lie. He is generic, but does not fit Virtua Fighter. Virtua Fighters have martial art styles. They have clothes in solid colors with/without basic patterns often resembling 80s action films or older martial arts films. They have at most one scar or tatoo. They also have no males with ear piercings like the homo in question.


yeah, both could be replaced by any guy who is standing around in the ring. it wouldn’t make a difference.
thats one of the things the series has to struggle…not enough really unique chars which differs from each other… i dont mean in gameplay but visual design.


Yeah, they really lack proper art direction, it’s just Barbie and Ken fighting since 1996.

The gruff or old dudes look super weird and while I’ve always liked Tengu he feels completely out of place.


The thing is, while he may seem generic, there really hasn’t been a Latino male character in DOA before.

On a related note, the meter system has been tweaked and we now have a two stock meter. It seems that Break Holds only take one stock (half a bar), while Break Blows take two stocks. Meter build seems to have been adjusted as well, with it taking much longer to build a full bar.